When I brought this quarter’s financial statements into the president’s office, I caught the President peeking at the heroine.

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Anyway, I have never seen the president do any serious work.
In the future, his work content will probably be to watch the heroine.

It’s good, as long as he doesn’t want any demon moths, the Group should be able to operate soundly.

The President was not embarrassed to be caught.
He picked up the sheets of paper and flipped through them at will.
His face became very ugly, and he asked me in a cold voice, “Why is there so much less revenue this quarter?”

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I knew it.
The President would ask this question because he couldn’t understand anything except the income line.
“Because the income criterion has changed, the future income recognition has become a five-step method…”

The President was furious and smashed the statement with a “pop” on the table, “Oh, I knew it was that conceited Huangfu Mario.”

“No, it’s because the income criteria have changed…”

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The President gritted his teeth and put down the arrogant words, “He thought that this would be enough to threaten me?”

“Income guidelines…forget it.”

My essence is a failed repeater.

A poor man in love is really pitiful.

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The glass wall reflected the President’s stern face, “I want to meet Huangfu Mario, you make an appointment.”

Oh my god! After working for so long, am I finally going to go through a normal business negotiation!

“Call Director Zhang, and the heroine.”[1]

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I can still be with Director Zhang! This world is really beautiful.
Amen, Hallelujah, I am merciful, I am satisfied, I have no more demands.

I happily called the second male lead’s secretary, who politely said that the second male would join the group to shoot a new film recently, and the business meeting could only be arranged in two months.

Translator’s Note:

 IDK why the president also called the heroine “heroine” in the raws ↵

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