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The President gritted his teeth and put down the arrogant words, “He thought that this would be enough to threaten me?”

“Income guidelines…forget it.”

My essence is a failed repeater.

A poor man in love is really pitiful.

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The glass wall reflected the President’s stern face, “I want to meet Huangfu Mario, you make an appointment.”

Oh my god! After working for so long, am I finally going to go through a normal business negotiation!

“Call Director Zhang, and the heroine.”[1]

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I can still be with Director Zhang! This world is really beautiful.
Amen, Hallelujah, I am merciful, I am satisfied, I have no more demands.

I happily called the second male lead’s secretary, who politely said that the second male would join the group to shoot a new film recently, and the business meeting could only be arranged in two months.

Translator’s Note:

 IDK why the president also called the heroine “heroine” in the raws ↵

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