s question, just looked down at the floor.

‘What are you doing, Lucia Agnes?’

‘This is your last chance, and you’re just going to make up your mind and throw away an important opportunity?’

‘You’re not even sure who the gift is for.’

Lucia took a deep breath to calm the churning in her stomach, and for the first time, she could see Herwin’s fidgety expression.

The sight of him, a head taller than her, bending down to his knees to examine her lifted her sinking spirits a little.

“Actually, I bought it for someone…….”

When Herwin rushed to reveal the owner of the gift, Lucia cut him off.

“You don’t have to tell me.”

“Huh? But…….”

“You’re right, it’s nothing, I just got all emotional, I’m sorry.”

Lucia smiled awkwardly with a small apology.

Herwin recognized her unraveling from within the clear walls and nodded nervously.

“Oh dear, it’s that time of day again.
We should hurry.”

“What? Why?”

“Because I’ve got tickets to the play.
It should be starting in a few minutes.”

When Herwin stiffened at her unexpected words, Lucia hurriedly grabbed his arm.

“Come on.”

Only when Lucia led the way did Herwin start walking.

He glanced at Lucia’s brown hair as she led the way, then at one of the shopping bags in his right hand.

‘We’ll talk later.’

Actually, he wanted to tell her that he bought it because he thought it would look good on her, but the timing was off.

‘I’ll have to give it to you sometime today,’ Herwin vowed and headed off with Lucia to the largest theater in town.

* * *

They made it into the theater just as the sky was beginning to settle into an orange glow.

They tried to get box seats, which are segregated areas, but they thought it would be too much for two people who aren’t even dating, so they got regular seats.

Still, the front seats gave them a clear view of the actor’s faces and the stage.

“I’ve never been to a play before.”

“Huh? Really?”

Lucia looked back at Herwin in surprise, who was looking at the play’s pamphlet.

“Usually it’s families or couples who come to places like this.
My parents are up north, Henry’s at the Academy, so they never come, and I’ve never been here with the others.”

“Come to think of it.”

She thought they did a lot of things with their friends, but she was surprised they’d never seen a play.

“I’m curious.
The Other Side of Love.”

Herwin recited the play’s title.

“The Other Side of Love,” told the story of the intertwined loves of three people.

Soon, the room darkened and the actors took the stage.

The play flowed smoothly.
The audience laughed as the actors gave great performances with ad-libs in between.

Lucia laughed along with them, then glanced sideways.
Herwin was laughing softly, too.

She turned her head again, thinking the play was a success.

“Alas, God.
How dost thou try me, that she loves my friend.
Isn’t this cruel!”

The second male lead, an actor, burst into tears and poured out his frustration with God.

He just found out that the girl he’d been crushing on for a long time is in love with his best friend.

Torn between love and friendship, he struggled with an unattainable love.

On the other side of the stage, the female lead was happily married to another male lead, and the contrast between their love made the unrequited man’s feelings even more desperate.

“Why him, not me? I’ve been by your side much longer!”

“I’m sorry, Serian.
I never once saw you as the opposite sex…….”

As the play raced toward its climax, so did the actors’ emotions.

When the heroine finally chose her love, the two men were split.

The audience watched as the couple stepped into the spotlight and headed for their happy ending, but only Lucia watched as another male character walked off into the darkness.

‘Why do they have different endings when they are in love with the same person?’

There is only one reason for the difference between the two men.
The choice of the female protagonist.

Lucia suddenly got teary at the tip of her nose and shed tears without realizing it.
Lucia couldn’t smile even though everyone was laughing at the actors performing happy acts.

She didn’t know why she was crying.

Was it because she saw herself as the unchosen male lead?

Lucia hastily wiped her tears away, not wanting anyone to see them.
Luckily, Herwin was too engrossed in the play to notice.

If he liked it, it must have been a successful date, but Lucia didn’t feel comfortable.

Lucia couldn’t concentrate until the end of the play.
No, she couldn’t concentrate because the actors with happy endings looked like Herwin and Arista.

Clap, clap, clap!

Lucia heard the sound of applause around her and looked up.
The play was over, and all the actors were coming out to greet each other.

Lucia clapped her hands together and looked at the actor who had emoted.
He was smiling broadly as if to prove that his seemingly desperate emotions were just an act.

Watching him brought her back to reality.

“That was more fun than I thought it would be, wasn’t it?”


Following the others, Herwin and Lucia rose from their seats.

As they walked away, Herwin didn’t catch a glimpse of Lucia’s sunken face.

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