”Joseph! What are you doing here? ” I hissed when I saw the man coming with a box and a bouquet, with the same handsome look he had as the last time I left him.

The other hand that originally carried the cellphone, he put it in his trouser pocket. The video call ends, of course.

”May I come in? ” asked the man, which gave me chills. What if later me and him …

STOP! Ginger, don be negative. If he asks for hat, then I will refuse. Yes, I will reject it. Certainly! If I wasn tempted myself, of course.

And … in the end, I relented and let him in.

”What is your purpose in coming here? ” I hissed, again, for the umpteenth time. Its also annoying since I asked and he was always slow in responding. What does he really want? Does he want to make me angry?

The man turned around and handed me a large box and bouquet.

”I already told you that the dress is coming soon, right? Here it is. Don forget to dress up pretty tomorrow, wear it for me, okay? ”

I looked at the man, then at the large box in my hand in turn. I don know what this guy wants. At first, he said that our relationship was only because we were both alone, in other words, it was just a trial and error relationship, but now he wants to take me to meet his parents. Then whats next?

”Are you sure you want to take me to meet your parents? ” I asked doubtfully. It could be that he just wants to give a sweet promise to make me believe, but then he will reason this and that, canceling his promises.

”Why did you choose to live in such a small place? ” Instead of answering my question, he asked me back. ”Can you buy the most luxurious? Or … you can live with me if you want. ”

He seemed to smile and threw his body on the sofa in the room.

My apartment is not quite spacious. Its just a tenement building with one small living room that becomes one with the family room, then theres a kitchen, and one bedroom and bathroom. However, I deliberately chose something like this, because I only live alone.

”Living with you? Are you sure? Then I have to watch you bring a different woman every day, I see? ”

”Hey! Im not like that, really! ”

”Unfortunately I can believe it. Since you and Cin— ”

”Oh my … that again?! ” He rose from his place, then cut the distance between me and him, step by step, until there was nothing left but the two of us.

Okay, thats a pretty romantic description, but not quite the reality. There is still some distance between us. A few inches.

Joseph then took my fingers, gripped them gently, then kissed them.

Enough, stop! If it continues like this, its me who will fall into his love hole again. Shouldn I be the one setting a trap for him?

”Please, lets forget about it. Help me change, Gin. I promised you, didn I? Then I won break it. ”

Liar, seducer, and venomous sweet mouth, maybe thats a proper nickname for this man. Im sure I will not just believe in the seduction of death. If I were to fall into this again, it would be dangerous for my mental health.

”Have you eaten yet? How about we eat together? Just stay here, if you don mind. Maybe you
e still tired from shopping earlier. ” He seemed to be trying to divert the conversation.

All right … so thats how you play, Jo?

I don want to lose. I don know, if you are serious with me even once, I don want to fall too deep. If we have to fall, then we fall together. No, no. If you have to fall into the love hole you dug, then you
e the one who fell because I don want to fall into the same hole a second time.

”You just got home from work too, right? Ill just order delivery. What do you want to eat? Seafood? Or junk food? ” I asked. Two of the many foods that the man liked.

No. The food he sometimes eats whenever we are together. I feel like blinking at him, but never mind … remember, don fall into the same hole, Gin!

”What do you want to eat yourself? ” He asked me back. I thought for a moment. What am I going to eat? If its not a vegetable salad, its definitely a chicken salad or a tuna salad. Or it could be chicken breast steak or beef.

Ive gotten used to it to maintain my proportions.

But, wait! What time is it? Can this be called dinner?

”Ill just order the tuna salad. What about you? How about a steak? ” I offer. He didn wait long, then nodded.

”Whatever you choose, honey. ”

Hmm … looks like I should call him that too, huh? Honey … is that how I should call him?

I can remember the last time I called him that. Because of that, of course, it felt weird. Especially after we parted, then having to call him that again, must feel unusual. But never mind … not too important to discuss.

The most important thing is to enjoy the food that I ordered and in a relatively short time, the food was served in front of us.

”Sorry, you have to eat down the floor. This room won be enough if I fill it with a dining table, ” I said. I didn intend to buy furniture, because this apartment was only a stopover place.

Im not a workaholic, but sometimes I have to work late at the office if I haven finished all my work. Im more calm working on it at the office because there are minimal distractions.

We enjoyed dinner—on a night that couldn be called the night yet—with delicious, while chatting a little like a couple in general. Although the discussion about his betrayal is often brought up too, he just sighed and seemed to want to be patient with me.

I did it on purpose, Jo. So that you realize that IT IS very painful.

He then peeked at the thing wrapped around his wrist. Its nine oclock at night. Why does time seem to pass so quickly? Reminds me of the first time he approached me.

One night will never be enough for us.

We studied at the same university. Its just that I chose to major in design, while Joseph took his final year of medical education. Our first meeting was at the campus library, which is where students gather to look for references, either to work on papers and journals or just to read fiction books to relieve fatigue.

Just like the others, I also intend to borrow a book while working on an assignment with other friends. And … Emily is my junior, who happens to know Joseph because of a religious association.

She introduced us and … yes, thats it. Maybe it would be better if I told you another time, for Joseph was standing in the doorway by now and ready to say goodbye.

”Im going home first, Gin. Remember our promise tomorrow. I really look forward to your presence, therefore … give your best. ”

I nodded. ”I never go back on my own words, Jo. ”

Maybe exceptions to a few things I don need to mention and will do when necessary.

The man was about to step out when the door opened. I don want to let the opportunity slip by. I grabbed his arm to turn him around, then pulled his nape on tiptoe and stole a peck from his lips.

No … don let go before he lets go, even if it means suicide, Gin!

The man didn seem to want a casual kiss but wanted more. Because now hes pulling and pinning me deeper, just as I expected. I pulled his body away when I read that gesture from him, and looked deep into his hazel irises while smiling as warmly as I could.

Lets make this man unable to close his eyes tonight because of his wishes that my plans hindered. After this, hell probably want me more than ever.

”Good night, Joe. ”

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