I had just arrived at the apartment when my cell phone rang loudly. With hands full of luggage plus groceries, it was impossible to receive them right now. Maybe later. I know who contacted me, who else but my beloved, Joseph Kim.

Yes, yes … can this phone be silent for a moment?

I hurriedly put everything in my hand carelessly. I put it anywhere, on the floor, on the couch, on the table … wherever. Of course for the sake of receiving a call that turned out to be a video call from Joseph.

”Hey … are you home already? ” asked the man, with a sweet smile. Sweet … yes, I know. He is indeed beautiful, charming, and … who knows what other words can describe him physically.

I admire him more than anyone knows. Thats why I was so devastated when I found out that Joseph was cheating on me, even with my sister.

”Yep. Im home and just arrived, but your fussy calls are overwhelming me, and have to leave more important things behind just to talk to you like this. Tell me, whats wrong? ”

”Don be sarcastic with me, Gin. We
e now a couple, even if its just an emergency. Whats the name, huh …. ”

”Jo … please, don . Don talk about unimportant things. Just tell me what you
e calling me for. ”

The man looked like he was about to say something, but seemed to be stalling time for some reason. I was still waiting until I finally got impatient and pushed him once more.

”Jo! If you don say anything, Ill turn off the phone! ”

”Okay, fine, wait a minute! Don turn it off yet, Ill talk! ”

All right, Jojo. Ill wait for you, but watch out if you linger again! Ill make sure youll—.

”Lets go on a date! ” he invited. I stared, shocked, of course. What made him want to ask me out on a date? Is it because we
e already dating? Or is it just a formality to make our relationship look … real?

Please … Im not interested.

”Gin … now its you who doesn respond to my words. ”

I thought for a moment. I certainly do not want to invite him to come to my apartment for our first date. Back when I was still living at my parents house, he could do whatever he wanted—we, that is to say—were free to do whatever we wanted.

Thats why we can sleep in one room, one bed, one blanket ….

”Ginger! Are you daydreaming again? ” The mans call made me gasp. Thankfully, he woke me up from the stifling memories of the past. If not, maybe soon we will arrive at a sad story where I caught him making love with my
oisy sister.

”Yes, yes … sorry. I was daydreaming. Suddenly the memories came back, ” I answered regretfully. Do not believe. Because I was just pretending in front of Joseph. I just wanted to pry into the past and make him feel guilty.

This time it was he who was heard sighing.

”Please don remember again, Gin. Aren we starting a new life? If you keep thinking about those times, you—we—will never be able to move on. I admit I was wrong. However, please … lets start all over again. ”

Its not that easy, Jo. Not until you
e haunted by guilt thats keeping you from sleeping well and you
e chasing after me to forgive you.

”I just can understand why Cin? Were you the one who teased her? Or was she? ”

”Gin … don remember it again, okay? I want to get back to you now, not to Cin. ”

Wow! Listen to that … what a persuasion the esteemed Joseph Kim is. He can turn into a wise man, apparently. Is it a reality or is it just an image?

”Im seriously saying that I want to redo everything with you. Not for fun. ”

”Are you sure? What about the news that you
e going to be betrothed to someone from the same ancestry as you, whats her name? Don say youll leave me because you
e betrothed to that someone, Jo. Im sure Ill kill and mutilate you if you leave me again! ” ”

No. It was terrible. I wouldn even dare to actually do it. If its just to threaten, its really a scary threat.

”I won . Youll see what Im going to do to prove it to you. How about dinner at my parents house? Youll see that they still like you. Thats why I chose you for another relationship. ” He seemed to brush his hair which looked a little wet.

”Does this mean you
e admitting that you were indeed betrothed? And you chose me because your parents only agreed if you had another relationship with me? ” investigate me.

He didn answer right away, but I knew the answer even though he didn want to be honest with me.

”You made me a scapegoat to save your own life? Its unbelievable, ” I said, sarcastically. And he seems to be affected by my sarcasm.

Let it be. Ever since he doubled me, I no longer cared whether he would be offended, or angry. He wouldn dare to do it. Try it if he wants me to cancel our agreement.

”Whatever you call it. I definitely want to take you to dinner at my parents house. Its seven oclock tomorrow. You should be ready. Ill pick you up after work. Oh, yes. The dress will be here soon. Remember, right, I know the exact size, ” he said with a mischievous glance.

Damn it! He was again trying to provoke a memory of it that had obviously been buried long ago.

Don ever ask me how my relationship with him is. We used to be a very affectionate couple. It might be said so. As for the bed, I don need to tell you how, which is exactly what he said, that he knows exactly what my size is.

And now, it seems I have to wash my head to get rid of the thoughts that started to wander back to that time. Thanks, Jo.

”Never mind … lets not talk about that matter again. Ill be ready tomorrow. Don be late and I will never tolerate being late. ”

Alright … I think thats enough of this conversation. How about I just end it cause feel sleepy and want to sleep soon? I don want my weekend to be gloomy just because Ive been talking to this player for too long.

”Has it been done? ” I asked, impatient to end the conversation with the man. However, he doesn seem to have the same desire.

”Should I turn off the call? ” the man asked. What a stupid question, of course, yes!

”Of course, how is it? ”

”But I still want to talk to you. For some reason, ever since we met at the reunion, I can forget you. I keep thinking about it. Thats why I decided to follow you. ”

”Bullshit! No need to seduce me, Jo. You won get anything by doing that. ”

”Gin … Im serious. Why would I lie to you? I already said it, if we might still love each other. By being together again, I came to understand that maybe there is still a remnant of that feeling in here, ” he said while pointing to his chest.

What a Player!

”Who else have you seduced like this, huh? ” I asked.

He looked like he was about to answer, but it was preceded by the sound of the doorbell ringing from my apartment door.

”Just a minute, Ill see whos coming. ”

I rushed towards the door without ending the conversation between Joseph and me. Letting him wait a bit wouldn kill him, would it?

However, it seems that he is not the one who died, but me, when I meet who is now standing in front of me. The man, still in his work clothes, was there and said hello.

”Hey, baby … Im coming. ”

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