Im sick of what Im wearing. Still struggling with my posture because for me I can compromise at all. Corset on the stomach, braces on the upper body, arm braces. Really, its so torturous.

However, that was then. About a few years ago. Now I am like a cocoon that has turned into a beautiful butterfly. Thats how I think of myself, considering how some guys look every time they pass me.

Happy? Of course. However, I wouldn be this happy if I was still with Joseph Kim. The ex-lover who had made me decide to go on a strict diet even had suffered from depression for several months. What he had done, was too painful to remember.

One note, I did diet and care to be as beautiful as I now not because of Joseph Kim, but because I have to love myself. Isn it?

Although I do not deny, that there is a desire to avenge Josephs treatment and betrayal of me, maybe I should undo this. I don want to pollute my own heart with a grudge that won have any effect on me. After all, what can I gain by getting revenge?

Maybe just a moment of satisfaction, which will then just disappear.

However, it seemed that the angels mind had to change in an instant when fate played a different card. Exactly today, maybe it will be a day that I will regret being grateful for, at once. Or maybe … Ill just be grateful for it later.

A man is now walking towards me, with gallant steps that I will never forget for the rest of my life because that man is the man who has made me who I am today.

Well, lets say he was meritorious.

If it wasn for his ambiguous behavior behind my back, I might still be the old Ginger by now. And wouldn dare come out here with a raised face and…

”Hey … Ginger? Is this you? ” the man asked.

Its a stupid question and its familiar to my ears. Don players always use this method?

”Yes. As you can see. ” Really, Im not in the mood to make small talk with this man. And of course, the self-unawareness man cut the distance between me and him even more. Stepping confidently, and feeling that I would be mesmerized by his presence.

Yeah, it was then.

”Y-you … you
e even prettier than you used to be. ”

Yeah, you tell me. Of course, Im getting prettier because Im actually pretty, jerk! Weren you the one who was blinded by Cinnamons temptation at that time?

”Used to? Haven I always been beautiful? Moreover, I can even remember the last time I saw you. ” Hope this answer is deadly enough for you, Joseph Kim!

I want to say something even crueler. However, thats not what I came here for. Not to mess up the show, let alone mess with the guy.

Not now.

”Really, Im not just praising. You are beautiful. How are you? Do you still live in that house? I mean, your parents house. Because the last time I came, they said you weren around, ” he said again, which to me was just to make small talk.

However, thanks for your compliments and efforts, player!

”Yeah … I felt like I should start living an independent life, so I decided to live alone, ” I replied. ”Besides, what are you doing at my parents house? Oh, yeah, I forgot … you
e dating my sister. Right? ”

You die, Joseph!

The man didn answer but looked awkward, I could tell from his habit of scratching the back of his neck when he was awkward. Its not really charming behavior. Was I so blind that I was fascinated by a man like this?

”By the way, do you want to dance with me? ” asked the man with guts that didn seem to wane, even though it was clear I had kept him from moving with the sarcasm—I probably had to use every time I saw him.

My reaction from the start obviously bothered the man. Joseph Kim, a doctor, and owner of a famous private hospital who is also the son of a conglomerate, and owner of a giant business in the field of technology—gets rejected by ordinary women who only work as designers who are also not very successful.

No, no. Lets rectify that part. I was a design manager at a leading design company owned by a businessman who was also quite well–known throughout the country. Although unfortunately, I do not know who and what kind of my boss is.

But for that one part, we don have to

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