“Yuan Yuan, you haven’t paid for this term yet.”

“Oh, hold on.” A voice sounded from within the apartment.
Following which, the door cracked open, its width but a thin sliver.
A fair hand stretched out from within.
In the hand laid three translucent red pearls.
“Sister Xue, is this alright.”

An exquisite face, snow-white skin and blood-red lips, the person known as “Sister Xue” was a beautiful lady.
On a rainy day as such, she appeared at this apartment, donned in a sheer dress. 

Despite the fact that a person like her appearing in such a run down residential compound should be a particularly striking sight, the voice-activated lights along the hallways remained dark.
The corridor was silent as well, as though no one was there.

Sister Xue took the pearls, weighed it in her hands and said: “It’s good.” After which, she took out a calligraphy brush and drew a few strokes on the anti-theft security door.

A faint light emitted from the shabby anti-theft door before the door returned to its original, mundane appearance.

Sister Xue placed the pearls in one of her pockets at her waist, smiled and bid a farewell before turning to leave.
Shortly, the slighty ajar door was lightly closed.
Everything had occurred silently, without catching the attention of the surrounding neighbours. 

It was only when a sharp yowl of a stray cat that sounded from outside a few minutes later did it immediately activate the lights on the corridor. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan exhaled, and returned to her bedroom.

Her tightened muscles relaxed immediately as she laid back down on her bed again.

She was the only one in the apartment unit.
The small, yellow light at her bedside shined on quietly in a warm, weak light.

It was quiet all around, only the phone that had been placed on the bed was glinting in the dark.

The pretty lady from earlier was the “second landlord” around here; she was the person in charge of collecting “rent” for their head from the demons living around here. 

Yuan Yuan Yuan had moved into this apartment a year ago.
This was a very mixed area — they had demons from all over everywhere here — perhaps both the good and the bad.
Hence, this wasn’t exactly the safest area per say.
With that being said, as long as you don’t head out in the middle of the night pulling something that’d get you killed, life around here was still pretty routine and basic.

As a half-demon, Yuan Yuan Yuan had spent quite some time and effort trying to find a peaceful place to settle down.
Even if this area was similar to that of

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