Chapter 1: Life before I opened my eyes

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Name: Kim Bo Myung.
Age thirty-three.
He was living just outside the edge of mediocrity.

He didn’t start off wanting to live like this.
He didn’t know anything when he was born, and around the time he became capable of thought, he, as everyone did, began to have big dreams.

Wanting to become president, a scientist, or a doctor was tiring, and once he started watching TV, he also considered becoming a celebrity.

That dream became bigger and he decided to become a singer.
His looks were ordinary, but he was pretty good at singing so who knew what could happen in the future? It wasn’t a completely absurd dream.


But the reality is…

Bo Myung is an office worker who barely got the title of Deputy Section Chief last year.

It’s been 5 years since he had been working in Q Entertainment’s PR team.
He couldn’t become a singer and the life of taking care of singers was tiring and boring, but at least he was employed.

Bo Myung, Mr.
Bo Myung! What are you doing there?!”

“Ex…excuse me?”

“Please help me move these boxes.
You’re spacing out again.”

Trending topics frantically passing by.
Articles with similar titles and content incessantly filling the monitor.
Bo Myung was staring blankly at the monitor.

At the beckoning of his coworker Ye Jin, Bo Myung quickly got up and went to Ye Jin’s side.
Ye Jin was in the middle of moving promotional materials for one of the company’s singers she produced a while back.

The box full of promotional material was larger than Ye Jin’s body, but she effortlessly put the boxes that arrived from the printing company in their rightful place.

This kind of manual labor was nothing for an employee of the agency’s PR team.
It just happened to be when the Department Head called the interns and new employees over, so Ye Jin was just annoyed that she had to do the work herself.

Bo Myung brought the remaining two boxes to Ye Jin’s seat.

“Thank you.
What were you staring at so intensely?”

“Just some internet articles….”

His daily task was monitoring internet articles.
It was nothing new, so Ye Jin nodded her head and started to remove the packaging on the box.

Bo Myung was leaning over next to Ye Jin, listening to the sound of tape being torn.
Ye Jin was frustrated by Bo Myung hovering next to her, looking like he had something to say.

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Even within the PR team, Kim Bo Myung was known for being timid and having a passive personality.
His personality wasn’t a good fit for a PR job where you frequently had to meet with people, but he was able to stay with the company because his unique tenacity and diligence was acknowledged.

Anyways, an organization needed a person like Bo Myung for it to run.
Someone who was perfect for taking care of the dirty work.
The PR team unanimously thought that.

Honestly, it wasn’t like he was bad at his job.
Bo Myung’s silent personality frustrated some people, like Ye Jin, but there were also some people who liked it.

“Is there something you want to say to me?”

“Well…it’s about Seo Kang Jun.”

“Seo Kang Jun?”

“I heard he’s expanding into Hollywood…do you think that’s true?”

Seo Kang Jun was, incomparably, Korea’s top, top, top star.
His every move was historical, a miraculous being.

He debuted as an idol and became an award winning singer, and released hit solo albums one after another.
His attempt at becoming an actor was successful too.
These days, “actor” was a more accurate title for him.

Furthermore, there was an article stating plans for his expansion into Hollywood.
That was the article Bo Myung was reading.

Ye Jin’s eyes got a little bigger, then promptly returned back to her normal indifferent expression.
Considering Seo Kang Jun’s recent rise, it wasn’t anything to be surprised about.

The reason for all these achievements was, of course, 65% Seo Kang Jun’s talent, and 34% was due to Seo Kang Jun’s agency, the planning skills and tremendous push from the huge Ara Entertainment.

It was an open fact in the industry that Seo Kang Jun was the son of Ara Entertainment’s Director.
His son had talent and popularity, so there was no reason not to push him more.
Word was getting around that Ara Entertainment was expanding its business overseas, and it looked like the rumors were true.

“It’s not even our agency so how would I know?”

“I’m sorry.
It seemed like you know a lot of people at Ara Entertainment so…”

“It’s probably true since they even released a big article about it.
What kind of movie is it?”

“It’s a Christopher Noolan movie.”

“Wow, they’re determined.
I wonder how far he’ll climb.”

Christopher Noolan is a well known director even in Hollywood.
It wasn’t even important whether he had the main role or a supporting role.
His appearance in itself would be a sensation.
Ye Jin admired it while letting out a fake laugh as if saying it surpassed her expectations.

Bo Myung quietly turned around.
Riiip― The sound of packages being opened behind his back was deafening.

‘Seo Kang Jun….he made it all the way to Hollywood.’

It was a life anyone would envy.

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If it wasn’t for his bad relationship with Seo Kang Jun, Bo Myung would have been jealous of Seo Kang Jun like everyone else without knowing anything.



Bo Myung’s body hunched even more at the sound of the door closing.
Bo Myung was thrown next to the toilet in the corner stall of the bathroom.
The bathroom at the end of the hallway on the 5th floor of GuJeon Middle School’s main building was closed due to the old age of the building.

The unused bathroom became the territory of a group of bullies.
The floor was unkempt with piles of scattered cigarette buds here and there.
The stench of urine that was splattered everywhere

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