Poison (2)

It was dark… Silent… Suffocating.

There was no sound, no reaction or interaction happening. Just plain… Void.

There was, however, a figure, a silhouette devoid of colors. It was walking, slowly moving in an unknown direction. As if to prove that the silhouette was trotting the right path, a strange object outlined itself from the void.

It was… A book.

the figure stopped moving and just stared at the book for one full minute. Then suddenly, with an eye twitch, images flashed in its mind.

Screams, laughers, fighting, parties, people, blood, knife, and then…

The figure started to crack and decompose. Right then and there, the silhouette opened its mouth and screamed!

It all became fuzzy and weird, everything was fuzing within its mind as the figure was turning into powder and dust. Only one thing stood out from all of this, and it was the fact that a Voice was heard. It shouldn be here, however, it was… perhaps in her mind?

”How unfortunate. ”

Victorias eyes popped open in a heartbeat, just for her to let out a screech like never before.

The second she stopped, she was able to catch a series of rushed breaths. Whatever she just experienced, she did not want to face it again. She couldn breathe there, couldn talk there, and could only let herself be consumed by a mysterious and strange void.

It was terrifying. So terrifying that she was still having PTSD from the event, even after waking up. In fact, she had no idea that anyone was in her vicinity until she heard a loud Clang!

”Who? ”

As she turned around in a heartbeat, Victoria met the horrified eyes of a lady dressed as a maid. Her big breast pumped up, her lips parted, and her hands shaking. Victoria could only describe that person as someone who is afraid and surprised.

Then, she caught the glimpse of liquid mater staining the wide, white apron the lady had over her lower body. On the carpeted ground, a broken tea mug was laying, leaving a mass of water stain on it and a scent of ginger.

Taking a double take on everything she had caught up so far, Victoria became confused.

”Where am I? ”

The maid lady grimaced strangely, looked down at the mug, and bent down to pick it all up in a hurry. Victoria didn say anything and just watched, cautiously as the lady picks up the last broken shard composing the mug.

Just as Victoria was about to ask again, the maid lady bowed and expressed her uneasiness.

”My apologies, young miss. ”

Without waiting for a response, the maid lady turned her back to Victoria, silently opened the door to her side, and left with the clinging sound of the broken mug shards.

”… ”

Victoria took a full minute of silence as the door closed, before looking around to assess her situation. The walls in the room were white with a few dark spots here and there in little inconspicuous corners. A painting was hanging on one side of the walls, it portrayed the figure of a beautiful lady and a small childs face on it.

They were smiling and looked happy.

On the other side, a dresser under a small lamp stuck on the wall could be seen. An open book was laying over its wooden surface top. A feather quill slowly rolled over its page from the fresh wind before hitting the ink container. Victoria felt like she had to check it out just before her eyes met with a small mirror on the side.

”The fu— ”

Instead of a gasp, Victoria resorted to a more informal response to what she saw. Her looks, her countenance, her appearance, her self… has been remodeled. She did not recognize her current self, the one she was looking at from the small mirror, as her real identity.

She had changed. The morning sun ray could barely blind her eyes from inspecting the current look. Long naturally wavy caramel hair, honey-colored pupils, youthful-looking and petite in silhouette, all Victoria could make out of this was her, looking at a young breath-taking stranger.

Faced with the current reality, she couldn help but ask, Is that… me?

Just to double-check, Victoria lifted her palms to her jaw level and used her fingers to pinch her cheek while refusing to break eye contact with the mirror. All the movements produced in the mirror, corresponded to the ones she made.

It is me!, She thought… unsurprisingly.

A smile starts to take shape across her otherworldly face, as she realizes that she was not the same person anymore. She looked young, breath-taking, hot, different… Everything about the current situation exited Victoria for some reason.

She was alive and as fate would have it, she got a second chance to live a better life.

But then, her smile quickly reverted back to a grim expression. Where even am I? Are there any more people out there? Do they speak the same language as me? Do they know me? Or the current body?

Victoria didn get lost in her thoughts for too long, as she hears the door opening and sees the same maid lady as before, entering her room. She gave the lady a questioning look and saw her bow slightly.

”Here she is. ”

As the maid said that sentence, two gentlemen walked in with one of them taller than the other. Before Victoria could respond, the gentlemen took off their hats and placed them at their shoulder level while they gave her a bow.

Victoria was almost a hundred percent sure she was no longer in her world so she kept her composure while trying to find a way to explain her lack of knowledge about the situation. She watches both the gentlemen straighten their backs and put their hats on top of their heads. The tallest one made a slight coughing noise to get everyones attention.

”We are glad to see the young miss safe and sound. People of the fief will be happy to hear the news. ”

”However, we need to make sure that your condition is cleared. We shall examine you shortly. ”

The tall mans eyes were sharp and piercing as he uttered those words.

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