Untelling Tales

\"What are you doing\"

The sun beamed through the window waking Ahya Ziemba up as its harsh glare hit his eyes. He looked upon a clock, checking the time as he sat up on his bed. ”I need to get ready, ” Ahya thought to himself.

Standing up, he went to change into his academy uniform, I wonder if anything interesting will happen. he sighs, guess I can only dream.

He proceeds to grab an apple before leaving his house. ”It seems like its going to rain, ” Ahya says as he looks at the clouds while they drift by peacefully, their own gray color reflecting his own mood, ”It seems a bit quiet, ” he observed quietly.

Walking up to the large academy

before him the people around him glancing at him as they whisper to each other.

Releasing a puff of air, Ahya glares at them only to have his dog-like ears pulled by a passing student. With a small Yelp, he smacks their hand away ”Stop it! ”

Ahya yelled at the blond man whose gray eyes gleamed at him mischievously. ”Ha, what are you going to do about it? ” he said confidently. Ahya stood in silence, his fists clenching closed in anger. ”Thats what I thought, mutt, ” the blond smirked as Ahya looked up at a glare covering his usually more monotone expression.

”Just cut it out, you brat ” Ahya raises his voice, the anger siping in.

The blond boy laughed it off as if he was looking at some roadkill. ”Look how angry the local stray is. ” He snickered, his smirk only growing larger at the anger on Ahyas face.

”I am not a dog! ” Ahya would yell his feet stomping harshly on the cement as he walked past his shoulder bumping against the blondes.

Ahya walks down a dark hallway, his anger diminishing as a chill creeped up his spine.

Why does it feel strange here? He thought to himself before a light crimson mist creeped up in the corner of his vision.

He felt a strong chill crawling up on his back. ”Why do I feel like Im in danger? ”

Ahya thoughts falling out as he turns slowly to see a black shadow of mist behind him, its glowing red eyes piercing into his own.

Ahya shivered as he started to run. ”I thought this place was safe, what is that thing! ”

Well he was running, his body trembling in fear as he felt his energy diminishing the black figure catching up, he didn know what to do at this point the only thought running through his brain was the need to run.

The black misty figure sent a long blade-like projectile that nicked his arm.

Ahyas thoughts would cry out for help,

his breath coming out short, sharply turning the corner he was pulled into a room as a hand covers his mouth stopping him from speaking as Ahya tried to escape the persons grasp.

”Could you stop moving? ” A masculine voice whispered into his ear a chill climbing up his spine as he immediately nodded.

The deep mist from before sliding past the door, its large figure freezing slightly turning before it shook its head returning to its original path.

Ahya stayed there for a minute as the mystery man pulled away from him.

”It is not safe for you to be here ” the voice broke through Ahyas thoughts,

”Who are you? ” He whispered as he went to turn only to be met by an empty space.

The light flickered on as the mist around him vanished, his injury bandaging his thoughts crashing down on his brain like a brick.

Bringing his hand up he watches his fingers as they tremble trying to steady his nerves as he wipes his face only for the handle of the door to turn.

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