“Oh, my God! Ed!”

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“You must have starved for dinner, and your bottom must have starved.
I thought my tongue was being pulled out because of your tightening.”

“Yeah, huh….”

The heat spread all over her body as the battered butt burned.
The genitalia, which had been harassed throughout with fingers and tongue, has now reached a point where it can no longer be satisfied.

“Edmond, the bee…”

“A bee?”

“Come on, I’m sorry, punish me…”

It was impossible to escape his persistent bullying anyway.
She knows that the more rebellious she is, the higher her physical punishment concentration is, but she can no longer stand it.
Ezet grabbed the tub and pulled her butt back further.

“Did you just say you wanted to punish me?”

“Yes, yes…”

“That’s a contradiction, Milady.
Punishing someone who wants to be punished is not a punishment, but a reward.”

“Haa, ah…”



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This time there was a reasonably loud fricative.
A creepy prickly sensation was first followed by the hot heat and finally the pain of being beaten up and flowing through the swollen skin.

Edmond’s palm slaps past a few more times, and her hips turn red as if they were really a flower.

Half-knee bent, shivering and dripping fluid between her legs, she was madly obscene and seductive.

“Ah, ah, ah… Ed, the…”

“I can’t help it because you like it even if I slap you.”

Edmond curled up in a cluttered position, wrapped around her lower abdomen.
The arms holding the bathtub trembled.


When a hard pen*s rubbed between her butt, Ezet trembled and pulled up her waist.
Pushing her back again to keep her from getting up, Edmond ordered low.

“Do you want this so bad?”

“Go, I want…”

“Then beg for more.
I’ll be happy to give it to you.”

“Heu, heuk……!”

Edmond lifted his brackets and lifted his buttocks, sandwiching his pen*s between her thighs.
Edmond slapped her one more time as her silky thighs wrapped around a hard pen*s.

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“Tighten it more.
Like you are dying to have it.”

“Ah, ah! Hoo!”

Holding onto the tub with her trembling hands, Ezet gasped and moved her waist.
Excited by the pleasure, she was playing this humiliating play without getting what she really wanted the most, and it didn’t occur to her at all.

Ezet realized that her patience had become shorter.

She may have enjoyed this humiliating process with chilling thrills, but she is just anxious and nervous for now.

‘When she said no, he didn’t stop……!’

When she says she wants it, he doesn’t give it away.
As expected, this man was evil.

“You’re too slow to move.
I don’t have strength in my legs.”

“Haa, Edmond, no more…”

“Are you going to say it’s too much? Please stop lying.
I know very well that you’re not that tired.”

Edmond’s hand, placed on her waist, stroked her pelvis and dug into her bushes.


“Oh, that was a bluff.
You’re so tight.”

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“Ugh! Ah! No…!”

As he began rubbing up and down with a complete erection between his fingers, Ezet cried loudly and shook her hips.
As the thighs tightened, the slippery liquid trickled down and soaked his pen*s.

“You’re doing great.
A little more.”


Trembling, every time Edmond rounded his clitoris, her back bounced reflexively.
A red hand mark was left where his palm passed.

“Ah, ha! Ed! Ah!”

“Huh, slowly… I think I’m ready.”

When a solid pen*s, which had already been felt to have reached its limit since it was first taken out, was rubbed against the entrance, She felt it swelling bigger, so Ezet swallowed her breath.

“Exhale, Milady.
It hurts when you’re nervous.”

It’s not Ezet; it’s Edmond.
It was too cramped inside her, so Edmond wouldn’t even try to insert unless she was hot enough.
Because he didn’t want to strain her body, and he didn’t want to be unable to fully appreciate her being crazy about pleasure because he was eager.


“Ha, ahhhhhhhh…”

Even though it was soaking wet, the inside was tight.
The man’s hard pen*s dug slowly into her without haste.

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“Ed, Ed… Quickly…”

“You’re in a hurry.”

There was a snooze, and Edmond grabbed her waist with both hands and pushed it in at once.


“Haah… it’s a little too much.

At first, it didn’t seem like it would even go all the way in, but when you push it in, her insides puff and sucks his pen*s in.
The wrinkle movement was as if countless tongues were sticking together and licking.

A weird sensation that’s creepy and exciting and cozy at the same time.

What is the true nature of this sensation?

“Ah, ah, ah…”

Not able to hold still for a moment, Edmond slowly began an inserting, sweeping her shivering side down.
Her waist, which seemed to be grasped by both of her hands, flexibly bent every time he inserted it deeply.

The wet brown hair curled on the smooth back.
He wrapped it around his finger and slipped it sideways, and then swept it back up.
The thin brown hair was dyed darker when it was wet.
What should this color be called? Yeah, it’s like chocolate.

“I’m glad I skipped dinner.”

It’s natural for food to be so consumed at the top of the dinner table.
Several unexpected accidents occurred, but they were all within his predictions.
They played a sweet couple like lovers in a fairy tale in front of people, so it would be good to take his time and show his true self now.

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