“Even if a woman is such a greedy, lewd, weird woman… is it okay?”

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“Of course.”

“Huh, can I, uh, keep, stay here?”

Pumpkin eyes soaked with desire turned to him.
Her usual innocent look was now like a beast devoured by pleasure.
It was him who woke up the beast in her.
No, should he say that it was contagious?

“Stay with me.
I’m not going anywhere.”

The animal trapped by the lure of pleasure does not miss its bite even though the blade of the trap tears its skin and crushes its bones.

If he set that trap, he’ll have to catch her.

Will she be his if he traps her so that she won’t get out of the net? If he confines her to a place no one can see, will she stay as his treasure?

Edmond’s lips engulfed her lips.

“Milady, there is a flower in a place like this.”

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“Huh… yes?”

“Milady’s white skin has a rose petal.”

There was a red mark where Edmond’s long tongue licked the chest.
When did he leave it?

Edmond grinned and tilted his head as Ezet gazed at it with heated eyes.

“You dressed so messy, and you put sweet things all over your body, and you even put rose petals onto your skin.
It’s not the kind of thing a lady should do.”

“Well, you did all that…!”

“Really? Then I’ll take care of it because I did it.”

Edmond put his lips on her red spot and sucked in the moist, sweet skin.


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A dizzying pleasure poured out over the body, stuck between Edmond and the bathtub.
The breasts that met each other slipped and rubbed each other.

As if a captured bird were flapping its wings, the water in the bathtub fluctuated wildly whenever Ezet moved her arms.
Edmond didn’t stop even though the thick rug was moistened with crushed sugar water.

As if a hungry animal was hunting, he rushed in, coveted her lips, hugged her thin waist tightly with his hard arms so that it could not move, and rubbed and thrust the most sensitive and weak areas without hesitation.

His rough fingers squeezed in her skin, swept through the wrinkles, and turned around to harass her as if a barbarian was invading the castle.

No, a conqueror exploring an unknown cave.
Even though several times his moist tongue, long fingers, and thick, firm genitals had been burned to the point where she was stunned by pleasure, she was still fresh inside.

Perhaps because it was in the water, she could feel the current wave instead of the obscene sound of body fluids splashing.
The faster his hands moved, the more the water in the bathtub washed out, and it seemed to push and manipulate Edmond’s wrist.

“Huh! Whoo!”

Perhaps because she couldn’t see any gestures under the water in the bathtub with rose petals floating, she was shaking her waist with her legs more boldly than usual.

Her vag*na sucked his fingers as a baby sucks while breastfeeding.
If he takes his finger out so that it’s barely hanging at the entrance, the entrance sticks to him as if it’s distressed, and if he pushes in deep, it flinches as if it’s not welcomed in anymore and blocks the way.

Apart from being honest and easy to understand what she wants, it was an arduous task to meet the fickle desires that pull when it gets away and push it away when it gets closer.

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And Edmond was the type to burn the harder it was.

“You put sugar all over your body, so I put it in the bathtub to wash it, and you didn’t bathe but only thought of doing something obscene.”

“What are you talking about? This is your…!”

“I need to check if you’ve washed properly.”

Edmond hugged Ezet and lifted her up.
The water in the bathtub swayed, and several red petals settled on the rug.

Edmond, who had escaped from the tub, had Ezet stand on her stomach against the tub.
Her legs trembled helplessly as she was molested in the water all the time.

“You’re shaking your legs uncontrollably.”



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“Spread your legs.
Shouldn’t you make sure I wash it properly?”

The argument about why anyone would check there and why he would check it didn’t work.
Ezet stretched her legs a little apart and stuck her butt back with the tub in her hands.

She could feel the gaze of a man who touched the exposed part of the pubic area even though she was turned around.

“Spread a little more.
It’s too dark to see.”

“You’re so mean…”

“Isn’t it praiseworthy to crack down on your dirty lower mouth?”

Smiling, Edmond opened the red entrance slightly with his fingers.
Where the slippery liquid flowed down, there was another sweet smell from sugar.

“I don’t know because I can’t see it.
I’ll have to taste it and check it out.”

“Oh! yeah!”

As he pushed his tongue into the flaring opening, Ezet strained her legs and twitched her hips.
Her husband’s hand fell again on her frivolous ass once again.

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