As the sharp tooth touched the skin, Ezet startled and fluttered.
As a result, the rest of the pieces, tightly covering the skin, were torn off, and the upper body became a completely naked body.
With the fragrant smell of whipped cream mixed with the sweet smell of sugar, Ezet kept biting her lips because her mouth kept watering.

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“It’s strawberry cotton candy.
Try this, too.”

“Hmm, well.”

When the coarsely torn cotton candy was put into her mouth, she felt a slightly crunchy texture at first, and then the sugar and a sweet taste spread in her mouth.

Whether they’re having sex or eating, it wasn’t clear whether she was being eaten or if they were eating together.

Edmond, who tore the skirt’s white mesh and pink silk slightly, shoved his face through it.

“Well, I’m going to see if you’re dirty here, too.”

“Ah, ahah!”

Ezet trembled when the moist tongue touched and teased her vagi*a just like in the evening.

“Uh, yea, Edmond, hold on.
Clothes, It’s on your clothes…..”

Just like the pink cotton candy that stuck to the skin because it was made of sugar, not cloth, Edmond’s suit was full of pink fluff as if it had been buried by a beast’s fur.

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“Oh, undress, undress…”

I’ll have to take the off clothes.
It looks like there’s nothing more to take off.”

A grinning face looked as if it were playing a practical joke.

Edmond rented a lounge next to the banquet hall shortly after leaving the mirror room.
Originally, the lounge was a place for relaxation, so there was a table, a sofa, a bigger sofa, and a more comfortable cot, but Edmond prepared one more thing.

Edmond, who held the stumbling Ezet in one arm, drew the curtains and saw a thick rug on the floor.
And she saw a bathtub sitting on it.

The two met the timing to enter the lounge such that there was hot steam in the hot tub.

“Did you know, Milady?”

“What, what?”

“Sugar dissolves in water.”

Speaking the apparent truth, Edmond walked into the bathtub with Ezet in his arms.
When her body was submerged in warm water, the dress, which had been torn apart as if a beast had eaten it, floated on the water and soon disappeared into the water.

“Edmond, what are you doing?”

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“It’s a good choice selecting roses for decoration.”

When the dress made of sugar melted in the water, the rose wrapped around the body lost its shape and became petals that floated on the water.
The white bathtub, which contained ordinary warm water, quickly transformed into a bathtub with rose petals.
What’s more surprising is that the bath is sugar water.

It felt like it was made into a dessert because it was sugary water with rose petals.
 Edmond grabbed her by the waist and pulled her back as Ezet pulled herself out of the bathtub.

The bodies of the two were tangled again in the water.

You were going to do this from the beginning, weren’t you?”

“You know that now?”


“I’d appreciate it if you could rate me as a person who enjoys change.”

Ezet’s skin still tasted sweet.
Edmond licked and washed her thin neck, taking off his wet jacket and shirt and throwing it out of the bathtub.
The wet clothes fell to the floor and crumpled severely.

Dressing properly is the basics of a gentleman.
Her heart tickled again with a slight sense of immorality that he had broken the rule.

“I can’t get enough of it with you.”

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“What, the sound…”

“I feel like I’m getting new every day.”

Even though it’s the same thing every day.

…adding that, Edmond poked his finger into the soft folds inside the warm water.


“Strange, rose petals floating in the tub, whipped cream and sugar.
But why…”

The number of fingers teasing the folds quickly increased to two.
Even though the foreplay wasn’t long, Ezet’s wet entrance simply swallowed two of the man’s fingers.

“Is it this slippery inside? It looks like you’ve poured in even the finest flavors.”

“Oh, ang, ah, Ed…”

“I’ve served you so much in the evening.
Are you still not satisfied? You’re greedy.”

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“Ah, aang!”

She’s greedy.
She certainly might be.
No matter how delicious food is, you can no longer eat it when you are full.
No matter how cozy the bed is, you wake up with a headache after sleeping too much.
The same goes for both appetite and sleep, but why isn’t sexual desire like that?

Despite several peaks on the tip of his tongue, her body heated up again as she screams lewd sounds again.

Is it because the sound of water and rose petals hides the shame?

Ezet forgot her shame and spread her legs wide.
His fingers came a little deeper and began to stir the inside up and down using a snap on his wrist.

“Ah, ah, ah, ah! All right, Ed…

“You are such a greedy woman.”

“heuk huu… If I’m greedy, can’t you…?

She didn’t even know she had this desire.
It was Edmond who awakened this ridiculous desire.

Ezet gave up resisting.
She’s not that she doesn’t still feel shame, but even shame was just one of the preconditions for her pleasure.

“Edmond, everything, you…….”

Ezet has decided to admit it.
As long as Edmond continues to pick on her lewd and odd walls, she won’t be able to cheat on herself and hide her desires

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