An Absurd Desire

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They believed it, even Ezet.

She thought Edmond’s words were real, so she felt sorry for Erit and guilt for them.
This time she felt so betrayed as if her core was pulled.

“You, what the… How could you do that?”

“There are times when you need lies in your life.
To protect yourself, to protect your opponent, to get what you want, to avoid danger.”

Edmond smiled at ease, leaving half-spread cravat and whipped cream on the front of the suit intact.

“Anyway, the flattery of the nobles is a lie, so adding a long-winded lie to it doesn’t make a difference.”



Edmond strolled along, undressed.
Ezet pulled back with her arms covering her chest, but there was nowhere else to retreat because the door stood behind her.

He came so close that the hem of her clothes grazed.
The skirt made of sugar is already almost torn, revealing bare legs.
Pushing his thigh between her legs, Edmond whispered.

“I’m not the only one saved by that lie.”

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The meaningful tone seemed to stiffen my body.
Edmond wrapped his arms around Ezet’s waist.
Then he buried his face on her thin neck.

“It smells sweet, Milady.”


That’s because she’s wearing a cake dress made of sugar and whipped cream.
Edmond sniffed as if the beast were checking her body sent and stuck out his tongue, and began to lick her skin.

“Oh, uh… Edmond…”

“Now that we’re in the lounge, there is no reason to pay attention to others.”

Of course, you’ll be more excited about situations where you have to pay attention.

The sound of rebuking her sank sweetly into my ears like the devil’s temptation.
Edmond licked her ear and locked the door of the lounge with one hand.

She heard the clicking sound exceptionally loud.
Ezet’s heart throbbed violently when she realized what would happen from now on.



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As the smooth tongue, which had moistened her ears, passed her cheek and reached her lips, Ezet opened her lips unconsciously and accepted his tongue.

His tongue tasted like whipped cream.

“Come to think of it, we both haven’t eaten yet because we’re right out of the banquet hall.”

His hands were covered with whipped cream as his hands wrapped around her desirable chest and swept through the smooth skin.
Edmond stuck out his red tongue, licked the cream off the back of his hand, and pushed his finger into Ezet’s mouth as she exhaled.

“How does it taste? Madam.”


The white cream, which melted gently as soon as it touched her tongue, tasted like sweet and light milk.
The soft smell of vanilla made her mouth water.

Indeed, in the afternoon tea time, she was nervous and did not enjoy the refreshment properly, and after that, he wandered around the back garden to find the Crown Prince.
Then she got out of there and suffered from Edmond the whole time until the sun went down, so she was hungry.

Seeing you suck so hard reminds me of last night.”


“Oh, don’t bite me like that.
Does it hurt if I bite you?”

The small teeth biting wouldn’t hurt, but Edmond was deliberately bluffing.
To reduce Ezet’s resistance.

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She was startled and relaxed, and he twirled the fingers he had pushed into her mouth.

“Huh, uh, uh…”

“Women’s mouth is warm.

It was as if a long fish came in and swam on its tongue.
Even her long, thick, firm fingers become smooth thanks to whipped cream, gently winding her tongue.

“Lick it all up.

Even without such an order, his fingers were rubbing on her tongue anyway, so she couldn’t help licking them.
It’s humiliating to be given instructions in a commanding tone, but the humiliation made her heart pound strangely and her lower stomach tightened, and Ezet was embarrassed.

‘It’s ridiculous.
Now to this ……!’

She thought this ridiculous situation and hunger have caused her head to go haywire.
It must be a temporary phenomenon.
People who were fine sometimes had strange impulses.

‘Obviously, it must be like that.’

Then at this moment, she thought she could be a strange woman who is excited by humiliating orders.

With a quick waiver, Ezet licked all the cream off Edmond’s finger.

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“It’s clean.
Well done.”

{TN- Hi, before you read further, just a small PSA, be careful with what products you put on your genit*l area!!}

As Edmond’s red eyes squinted as she glared at the sound of his praise with a grin, his head slowly lowered.

“Oh, Edmond! Wait a minute!”

“You ran away like that, and I had a lot of trouble preparing for this all by myself.
I’m tired, so I need to replenish my sugar.”

As he grabbed her waist with both hands and skimmed down, the cotton candy dress that wrapped around Ezet’s sides was torn apart.

“You are clad in this sloppiness, and the Duchess’s face looks terrible.”

“Y, you’re the one who dressed me like this…”

“Why is your skin so sticky? I’ll have to lick and see what you’re wearing.”


Ezet’s dress, made of whipped cream, sugar, and cotton candy, was torn and melted in places and made the skin sticky.
Edmond’s tongue crawled over the melted sugar.
Edmond, who had licked the whipped cream between the chest, slowly swept her sides and dropped his head, and set it up in a net-shaped cotton candy wrapped around Ezet’s waist.

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