away without consulting her husband was wrong.
Ezet couldn’t understand her way of thinking.

‘But one thing is clear.’

That Edmond, saved by Erit’s love, should not be deceived and be loved by her without hesitation.

He doesn’t deserve his love.
Thinking so, Ezet shrugged, covering her exposed front chest with whipped cream.

‘No, I can’t fool this guy anymore.
Let’s reveal the truth.’

It’s her sister, Erit, who saved him, and so far, he’s shamelessly been loving by her, and she’ll ask him to punish herself and find her sister so that he can be happy.
That’s what she has to say.

Determined, Ezet looked up.

With a squeaking sound, Edmond was seen pulling the scales off his back neck at that moment.

“Whoa, it’s a problem if the instant glue works too well.
There’s a red mark.”


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“Yes, isn’t it plausible for an impromptu product?”

She can’t believe he made it on the spot.
Isn’t that the last one left after the scales sprouted all over his body?

“Edmond, then you’re cursed with dragon blood…”

“Of course, it’s a lie.”

“And the whole body was distressed by scales.

“If I had scales all over my body, even I would have died.
Even though humans seem to only breathe through the nose, they can’t last long if the pores of the skin are clogged.”

“Sister, no, that your wife has been caring for you for three years…”

“…you know that, don’t you? That we haven’t seen each other in three years.”

Are you saying it was all a lie?

The curse, the scales, the relationship with the wife, and the love miraculously disappeared, and we were together like this.

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All of them.

“Oh, my God…”

Ezet trembled with a sudden sense of betrayal.

“Uh, how could you lie in front of people without a blink of an eye…”

“To capture the public, we need a plausible story.”

Edmond, who deceived the public without putting saliva on his lips, suddenly said, Practice! I can start a ‘fraud class.’

“It doesn’t have to be unusual or novel.
It’s good to have a friendly one that’s moderately simple and easy to encounter.
If you go to myths and legends, it’s too grand, and if you mix fairy tale stuff, family stuff, and human stuff, it’s easy for everyone to relate to.”

“How the hell did you do that?”

“I think it was quite appropriate.
Was it too contrived for Milady? Everyone seemed to believe me.”

“I, I… Fraud!”

Taken away from tears and emotion in an instant, Ezet shouted with a blushing face.

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