s words and gestures.
Three years later, I managed to fit the human figure.”

“Oh, that’s why you haven’t been in public for three years.”

“Yes, now the curse has almost been lifted so that I can come out in front of people.”

Edmond slightly loosened Cravat and revealed his neck.
There was a reddish scale in the back of his neck.


“There’s only one left.
I’m afraid this is about to the ground.”

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It glistened as he glanced through the red scales with his fingertips.

“No way.
That can’t happen…!”

“No, but a dragon curse is possible.
Why, once upon a time, when a dragon died, the land was devastated, and the sea became a place where no man could sail, and no fish could live.”

“Right, the Dead Sea in the south was originally the place where the blue dragon died.
That’s why I heard fish can’t live.”

“Then the reason why the Duke of Jaxen hasn’t been seen in public in the meantime…”

They chatted among themselves, and people who were convinced began to come out one by one.
The flow soon spread throughout.

“In your eyes, people’s hearts change easily, so even couples who love each other may think that they can deceive others and have different hearts, but I don’t think so.”

Edmond’s eyes on Ezet were warm, saying so.
Like someone who’s really saved.

“The love of men and women.
Maybe it’s just a once-in-a-lifetime feeling and a shame to reveal to others.
But it’s both salvation and happiness for someone.
Just like right now.”

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“Milady, your love saved me.”

Edmond kissed Ezet lightly and hugged her.
It was to hide that the cream in the chest had begun to melt, but to others, it seemed as if the two were hugging each other, unable to hide their passionate feelings.

“My wife is a miracle woman who brought me back into a man and made me happy, who became a monster under the curse of a dragon.
A woman with that kind of love leaves me behind and another man? It doesn’t make sense.”

When he looked at Daniel with a smile, his head became slightly red.
Those who have already fallen for Edmond’s story have forgotten the crumpled frill story that Countess Devon pointed out.

“Oh, my God… it’s so romantic.”

“I didn’t know it happened.”

“Love overcomes even the curse of the dragon; I never thought such love existed.”

The banquet hall members looked at Duchess Jaxen with a moving look.
Countess Devon’s party was trembling, pale, and speechless.

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