in a dreary place where no one comes, and that’s what they’re trying to do.”


Surprised, Daniel forgot that the Crown Prince should not be called by his first name in public and called by name.
The Crown Prince’s bomb remarks and embarrassed Daniel’s appearance were buzzing around.

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“The Count of Spencer and the Duchess of Jaxen?”

“This is the first time that the Duchess of Jaxen has shown her face to the head of the church…”

“I can’t believe she was in the back garden.”

“But you saw it earlier.
The Duchess of Jaxen had dirt on the end of her skirt.”

“Right, that was a little weird.”

“No matter how long you wear a dress, it doesn’t get dirty in a well-maintained central garden.
If the soil is buried, it must be…”

“Oh, well, really, in the back garden?”

Daniel, who suddenly appeared with Marchioness Spencer, was ostensibly introduced as her only grandson.
Still, since no one knew about his childhood, rumors circulated that he might have been an illegitimate child.

Of course, those who fell in love with Daniel’s beautiful appearance and friendly attitude soon died it down, calling it a dirty rumor undermining him.

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However, the Prince, the main character of the banquet, caused a great stir when a beautiful young man with a veiled past and the Duchess of Jaxen, who was a mystery, first showed her face together.

“Philip, what are you talking about? Don’t say rude things to Count Spencer and Duchess Jaxen.”

“But Mama, I really saw it!”


“I was going to study flowers with Daniel this afternoon.”

No one said it because it was a trivial happening that was embarrassing to make headlines, but all the nobles in the banquet hall knew that the Crown Prince suddenly disappeared and the Palace turned upside down.

The Empress and other maids searched the palace like a mouse, eventually forcing the emperor to search for the guards.
The Crown Prince returned quickly and simply went out to the aid and came back, so no further disturbances were made, and it quickly cleared up.

However, the Crown Prince, who had been in the back garden, claimed to have witnessed Count Spencer and Duchess Jaxen secretly meeting in the rear garden.

Something was bothering them to think of it as a simple prank by a child.
The crumpled hem of the Duchess Jaxen and the skirt with dirt on it made a strong impression.
Although she was now dressed in a scented, colorful dress, no one ignored her before she changed, as she was wearing an outfit that did not fit her position.

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