“Eh, Edmond, what are you doing…”

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“There was no other way.
Hang in there.”

In fact, there were many ways.

One of Edmond’s treasures from the dragon lair was the kind of harness that changed clothes.

He decided to enjoy her embarrassed appearance tomorrow because if the prince came to ask why his cloak would not work tomorrow, he would replace it with a real treasure.

“It’s a punishment for abandoning me when I was telling you not to go, Milady’

“You’re so mean…”

Be careful.
If you don’t pay attention, your skirt will be torn.
It’s cotton candy, and it’s fragile.”


Edmond felt as if his heart was tickling and warm again at the sight of Ezet, who was nervous and making an embarrassed face.

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‘What the hell is she doing so pretty?’

It was necessary to make a rather drastic performance to attract people’s attention, but she was also pretty with a dessert cake on her body.

‘Damn it.
The others keep staring at her.’

Edmond immediately had the urge to knock her down on the table and tear through her cotton candy skirt.

He wanted to make a crying mess of her in the dress, threatening that this woman is his and that no one should look over it.

Of course, that desire only arose and was not put into practice.
But Edmond’s repression of the impulse and not holding her right now was not because it was a common-sense act to have sex in a crowded banquet hall.

‘Her white skin or disorganized expression cannot be shown to anyone.’

Edmond, who has no morality, common sense, or conscience, was surprisingly rational thanks to his over-the-top monopoly, so sometimes his fanatical obsession can help his opponent.

“If I could, I’d like to make her smaller and carry her in my pocket.’

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A skirt made of sugar and whipped cream is weak against moisture.
If kept in the banquet hall, it will soon become soggy and breathless and flow down.

Before that, he had to take her to the lounge next to the banquet hall.

‘It’s not for monopoly.
He is just saving her face so she doesn’t show shame in front of others.’

He rationalized the crime of deceiving his wife with his own greed without feeling any guilt.

Ezet was quiet and shy, but she wasn’t a recluse who hated human society itself and wanted to get out in the world.

She was reluctant to stand out, and she didn’t want to be abandoned in the middle of nowhere.
She was the type to sit still in the corner of a gathering place, observe them, and enjoy the solitude of the crowd.

It may seem tricky, but it’s not hard to deal with.
It would be nice if there were a little more bounce, but it was also quite ticklish to hang out with her naïve side pretending not to know.

It wouldn’t be bad to do what she wants if she can continue this willing guilt.

That’s why Edmond changed the terms of his contract, taking Ezet out and bringing him to the Imperial Palace.

‘It was surprising that people would be more excited to see her humiliated.’

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It was the best eye candy to put a dessert cake made of sugar on your body and observe the anxious look of when the clothes might melt down, but indeed that outfit was dangerous.

‘We shouldn’t waste too much time.’

You never know when an unexpected accident will occur at a crowded banquet hall.
Edmond was never happy with the unexpected accident.

“Sure, Your Majesty.
The atmosphere of the banquet hall is ripe, and we’re going to…”

“Count Spencer has arrived.”

When the guide standing at the banquet hall entrance called, people looked at Daniel as he entered the hall.
Daniel’s fine blond hair was a little messy, perhaps running over.
His cheeks were flushed pink, too.

Even though he made the mistake of arriving at the banquet hall later than the emperor, no one could give an eye to the beautiful young man like a flower.

“Sorry I’m late, Emperor.”

“It’s all right, Count Spencer.
I couldn’t see you and was wondering what was going on.”

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“Grandma… Marchioness Spencer was late to call her doctor because of her poor condition.
I’m sorry to have troubled you.”

“Oh, my God, Marchioness Spencer?”

When the Emperor was surprised and asked again, Daniel replied with a friendly smile.

“It’s better now.”

“Oh… I’m glad she’s all right.”

“Yes, but if you walk to the banquet hall and fall down, I will remain in your room for fear of worrying you two.”

However, she said that if she walked into the banquet hall and fell down, she might worry your Majesties so she would remain in the room.”

“Yeah, well thought of it.”

The Emperor seemed relieved, but Ezet was worried about Marchioness Spencer.

Marchioness Spencer was a friend of his grandmother’s age.
Originally, when you get older, your physical condition can deteriorate rapidly in trivial matters, so just because you are in good condition right now, it did not mean that you could be relieved.
She said death was no one’s business.

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