When she opened her eyes, she saw a strange and familiar ceiling.
In the Duchess’s bedroom, the white lace canopy was embroidered with a golden rose pattern, and the red glow of the sunset poured out of the window. 

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‘Oh, yeah.

Ezet lifted herself up.
She was bored reading and entered the “doll room” created by Erit to refresh herself.
She found a doll that she had never seen before while enjoying the beautiful wax dolls there. 

The doll talked to her. 

“Did I read too many mystery novels?”

The trick of the new mystery novel she read today was to avoid the chase and enter a room full of wax figures, wearing a mask and pretending to be a doll to make the room a secret room. 

‘Obviously, you’ve seen something futile because you’re too obsessed with books.’ 

When she understood the situation, her mind quickly calmed down.
With a sigh of relief, she got out of bed and rolled up her sunshade.

“Are you awake? “ 

A big, beautiful doll with a higher head than her spoke to her. 

Ezet fainted again. 

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When she opened her eyes again, it was still red outside the window. 

Is it Deja-vu? 

Perhaps it was because she started reading fantasy novels in the library.
After all, she was sick of mystery novels. 

When she tried to raise herself again and go down the bed, the shade lifted itself.

“If you’re up, let’s eat first.” 

She didn’t faint this time, but it was dangerous.
Ezet pulled her hips back, holding down her fluttering chest.
If Erit saw such a rigid movement of Ezet, which looked like a new shoulder dance, she would make fun of Ezet. 

However, a big beautiful doll put down a small table with a dry gesture without even a slight disturbance even after seeing her clumsy dance. 

On the table was a hot croquette, chicken pie, cabbage soup, and fruit salad.

“You haven’t eaten all day.
You have skipped meals before, but it’ll only hurt you.
From now on, we’ll add an alarm so you can eat three meals on time.” 

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“h, hey…” 

Ezet was still speechless, unable to grasp the situation. 

‘So this man is………’ 

It’s not a doll. 

‘No, I know that!’ 

Ezet looked up again in struggling at the insensitive narrative.
Their eyes met. 

“Shall we call the maid for the meal?”

Said the doll, no, the Duke of Jaxen.
Ezet shook her head violently. 

“What’s going on here?’ 

Ezet looked at the Duke of Jaxen. 

The person in front of her was definitely the Duke of Jaxen, the husband of her sister and head of the Duchy.
And this was the bedroom of Erit, her sister, and the Duchess.
Right now, she’s lying down. 

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Anyway, why is he in the Duchess’ bedroom? She thought she was too shy to see him in such a place, but she couldn’t help but lose her sense of reality because of the physical appearance she has never seen before. 

“Well, Duke of Jaxen.” 

The black eyebrows of the Duke of Jaxen rose slightly up in the title of the Ezet. 

“It’s Edmond.” 


It was only then that Ezet realized that she didn’t even know his name yet.
He doesn’t know yet that Erit came to attend her grandmother’s funeral and took off, so her younger sister came here instead.
So he might have mistaken Ezet lying in this bedroom for Erit. 

It was not too much to fail to recognize him because she had never seen his face properly in three years. 

It’s also strange that a wife calls her husband by his surname. 

Of course, Ezet was a virgin not yet married, and the Duke of Jaxen was her sister’s husband.


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“You don’t need to say Mister.”

“No, that’s not it.
Actually, my older sister…”

“I told you it’s impossible to terminate the contract.” 


Edmond looked at her with a stern look.

He was so tall that she had a sore throat looking up, but he didn’t sit by the bed or bend down to meet her eyes, indicating that he was inconsiderate. 

“I have provided you with material and time support.
I didn’t get involved in what you wanted to do.
But I can’t just let you hurt yourself.”

“No, I’m not sick…” 

“You must continue to be my wife unless I transfer the title to someone else.
That’s what it was.” 

Edmond seemed to think she was trying to die on her own, unable to bear the boredom.

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