The Emperor looked at the cape with interest and asked.

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“Duke Jaxen, what magic can you use with that cloak?”

“I’ll show you from now on, Your Majesty.”

Then he winked at Ezet.

“I’m sorry to have kept you waiting so long, Milady.
Now, I’m going to Your Majesties.”

What the hell?

Now Ezet was at her wit’s end because she didn’t understand him.
The attitude of asking as if she knew everything that had not been discussed in advance was absurd.

But she knew that he was the only one who would laugh if she didn’t go up here, so Ezet listened to Edmond and approached him.

Edmond unfolded his golden cape and wrapped it around Ezet’s body.
The dress she wore wasn’t vibrant, so the hem was simply hidden in her cloak.

‘Don’t move, Milady.’


‘It’s okay.
No one will notice.’

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With the words, Edmond stripped her at once.


When Edmond peeled off the golden cape wrapped around her body, the dress that Ezet was wearing came off together as if it were being wrapped.
While undressed, she was not naked.

‘Oh, my God…!’

Ezet couldn’t believe it when she saw her in her clothes.

A creamy white frill wrapped around her chest and shoulders, and a red rose curled down from the center of her chest.

The light pink chiffon skirt, which was not supported by a crinoline, looked as light as if it were woven with cotton candy extracted from thin layers.
The fluttering white mesh was as soft as sugar.

Soft white frill with a pale pink skirt and a red rose wrapped around the whole body.

Ezet’s dress looked just like a dessert cake.
She didn’t think there’s anything more appropriate for a banquet celebrating the crown prince’s ascension.

“Oh, my God!”

“I can’t believe it.
How could you…!”

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The spectators exclaimed.
Prince Philip’s eyes grew as big as grapes which the juice he was holding was made of.

“Wow, that’s great!”

Philip cheered, shaking the juice cup instead of clapping.
Fortunately, he drank all the grape juice, so the drink didn’t splash.
Admiring the dress of Ezet, which smells sweet like a dessert cake, began to applaud one by one.
Edmond, who seemed to have performed a magic performance in front of the audience, said hello with his hands on his chest.

“Like this, if you wear this golden cape, you can change your outfit in an instant.”

“It’s a transformation cloak, a transformation cloak!”

“Do you like it, Crown Prince?”


Smiling at Philip, who answered happily with a thoroughly flushed face, Edmond watched the Emperor’s side.
When the Emperor nodded, Edmond folded his golden cape, went to the podium, and handed it to Philip.

“The cape works once a day.
We demonstrated today, so you won’t be able to test it until tomorrow.”

“Is that so? All right.”

Prince Philip looked around at the cape, wondering if it was interesting, pinched his side by the Empress, and sat back down with a tearful face.

“Great, Duke Jaxen.
I never thought I’d see magic in a banquet like this.”

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“Yes, the Duchess of Jaxen’s dress is beautiful, too.”

“I didn’t know you were preparing this ‘performance’ for the Crown Prince.”

No one sent a glare to Ezet anymore, wearing a dazzling dress, saying she was no longer not dressed for the banquet.
For them, the earlier felt like a preparation for the performance of Ezet transforming herself even in an indoor dress.

It was a big illusion, but nothing good came out of it, so Ezet smiled after Edmond.

It was comforting if the expressions of the five ladies watching from the side were crumpled like a used tissue.

Ezet whispered a little to Edmond.

“Edmond, when did you prepare this?”

“I have a thorough personality.”

Edmond, who likes to control all situations, has repeatedly planned even within the limited stage of Imperial Palace and has prepared numerous countermeasures.

It was unexpected that the ladies who met in the tea room took Ezet to the banquet hall immediately.
Still, they were fully mindful of the situation where she couldn’t change her clothes because she arrived at the banquet hall alone or lost her way.

So he just has a few precautions in place to distract them.

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“Do you like the magic dress, Milady?”

“Yeah, it’s so beautiful.
It’s very light.
When did you prepare this kind of dress like this?”

“Don’t move, Milady.
The cream is crushed.”


What’s with the cream?

Ezet, who tilted her head, felt something moist touch her chest and lowered her eyes, and was surprised.
The white frills ceded to her chest, breathing in and revealing a very pale white real line each time she exhaled.

“D, don’t tell me.
Don’t tell me…”

“It’s a dessert cake.
Is it to your liking?”

Covering the chest and shoulders were whipped cream shaped like frills, not soft frills like whipped cream.
The flamboyant chiffon skirt was made of cotton candy yarn-like texture, and the white mesh on top of it was also made of sugar.

‘No wonder it smelled so sweet!’

Ezet, who didn’t expect herself to be a dessert cake, suddenly lost her mind.
In addition, she became more anxious about being caught wearing a cake, not clothes.
It would be rude to keep wearing indoor dresses, but this is a different case by case.

Light enough to barely feel anything on her body, this dress will tear relentlessly if someone comes near her and brushes the hem of the clothes.

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