Of course, no one knew that the Duke of Jaxen was the wealthiest family in the empire.
But pinching her for wearing a shabby dress compared to expensive gifts was like mocking the Duchess of Jaxen for having no idea how to spend her money on dignity and face.

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Encouraged by Marchioness Base’s deft ways, the following ladies added.

“That’s right.
The Duchess’ heart is enough for us to bring us a valuable gift.”

“I’d like to return all these jewels to the Duchess.”

“Yes, for the Duchess of Jaxen, who made this joyful occasion today.”

It means take this and get a new dress for the banquet.

She expected it from the first time she picked it up, but she didn’t expect it to be so persistent even though she pressed the flag once.
As Edmond was in front of her, she put it in the most polite way, but Ezet was not stupid enough to not grasp the meaning.

But how the hell should she answer that? She didn’t like it because the dress was already a lot, and it seemed like she was running away to get changed.
However, she felt terrible when she received the glass because she felt like she was playing along with their ulterior motives.

‘Saying that I’m okay with this outfit makes me feel like I’m being rude.’

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She couldn’t figure out what she had done wrong and what those five ladies were trying to do to keep her spirits down.

‘I just wanted to congratulate the Crown Prince on his coronation and see what Imperial banquet was like.’

Ezet, who had never stepped into society, was ignorant of the “new ceremony” and “order arrangement” held by newly debuted aristocrats.

So she can’t help but understand that the ladies who are much older than her are trying to push her down and send her to the bottom of the pecking order.

“Come to think of it, I couldn’t show you this because I was busy preparing a present.”


Edmond, wrapped around the troubled shoulders of Ezet, stepped away from her and pulled a golden handkerchief out of his pocket.

No, it’s a handkerchief.
When he took it out, it was a small handkerchief, but the cloth expanded endlessly when he unfolded the folded handkerchief.

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“Duke of Jaxen?”

“As a matter of fact, I asked Milady to do it.
Today is the celebration of the Crown Prince.”

With that said, he looked at Philip, the Crown Prince on the podium.
Philip, who was sitting in a chair sipping juice, stood up with his shoulders flinching as Edmond noticed him.

“Me, me?”

“Yes, the wine fountain is a gift for the guest, and I have another gift for the Crown Prince.”

The Prince is the party’s main character, but it’s not good to be distracted only by Duchess Jaxen.
Edmond naturally turned his attention to the Crown Prince, who was directed at Ezet.

“Are you going to give me that golden cape?”

“This is no ordinary cape, Your Majesty the Crown Prince.”

The golden handkerchief, which had grown to the size of a cape, fluttered heavily under Edmond’s hand.

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“Three years ago, I knocked down a dragon that was threatening the borders of the Empire.
You know that, right?”

“Yes, I’ve heard from my mother that you became a Duke in recognition of it.”

“After I knocked down the Dragon, I’ve got a lot of treasure from Dragon lair.”

Edmond lifted his golden cape to make it easier for the Crown Prince and other guests.

“This is one of them.”

The golden-colored cape gave off an unusual glow.

Treasure from Dragon lair.

At the words, everyone’s eyes turned to the golden cape Edmond was holding.

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Dragon Rare’s treasures are no ordinary jewels or weapons.
They were all magical tools.

A wizard can make magic or mana stone by putting mana in a made instrument or jewelry, but human-level magic was only enough to make things move, shine, or make sounds without a human touch.

But Dragon lair’s magical tools have a different dimension.
It has done something that is not lacking in calling it ‘magic,’ such as turning water into alcohol, bringing in objects from faraway places at once, and blooming in the absence of anything.
So Dragon lair’s treasure was traded at a very high price.

The Duke’s warp gate was also made using warp mana stone from Dragon lair.
90% of the Warp Magic Stones, of which there were only 400 in the world, were owned by the Duchess of Jaxen.
Even that, 10% was donated to the country.

It was impossible to buy all kinds of magical tools, no matter how noble they were.
No matter how rich he was, magic itself was so rare.

It could only be obtained by targeting the dragon’s lair or by the magicians of the Tower discovering new magic with all their heart and soul.
Wizards never made a large number of magic tools because they were wary of spreading it in the mundane world.
They could also be obtained by discovering that it was made only rarely naturally.

Edmond had many magical tools, thanks to the dragon’s lair since he was a mercenary.

In addition to selling it at a high price, they asked dark wizards who were kicked out of the tower to develop it or lent them without selling them.

She didn’t wonder that Edmond was so used to the use of the ball, as it seemed to her that Edmond was a strange man who knew everything and was good at everything.
But initially, it was customary not to know whether or not it was a harness, let alone how to use it.

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