Even Though Magic is a Trick 

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“I want to thank you all for coming together today to celebrate Philip’s accession as the Crown Prince.”

After the emperor’s short speech, there was a time to enjoy refreshments and talk.
The guests of the banquet hall continued to pursue the Duke and Duchess of Jaxen while smiling at Prince Philip and the Empress.

The arrogant Duke of Jaxen, who is hardly ever seen and the new face of society, Duchess of Jaxen.
Not only because they were the Jaxen, but there could be no one who did not pay attention to the young couple who enjoyed the favor of everyone in the banquet hall from their appearance.

‘I’d like you to talk to her…’

‘What on earth should I say and approach? There is no connection with the Duke and the Duchess, so there is nothing to mention.’

“Why don’t you talk to her while praising her dress or jewelry?’

‘But the dress is….’

After the scan, the ladies poked their lips behind their fans embarrassingly.

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Initially, it was not flattery but refinement to speak out against the aristocrats, but there was a principle in the aristocracy’s way of speaking.

It was ‘You shouldn’t be caught lying.’

For example, it is acceptable to say to a young lady, who is ugly, ‘I think she has a lot of tolerance’ or ‘I feel she is friendly,’ but it is not acceptable to say ‘beautiful.’

Also, when you come out wearing a dress and hat that doesn’t suit you, praise can be made within the scope of not denying the facts, such as ‘boldness is the charm’ or ‘the color of the dress is pretty,’ but not ‘It looks good on you.’

Ezet’s dress was crumpled on the top and was dirty from the bottom.
Not being able to compliment her dress in empty words, the ladies hesitated at what compliment to say to her.

And for the same reason, Ezet was fretting in the opposite way.

“What’s wrong with you? Milady, you look nervous.”

“Well, is it… is it okay if I stay here?”

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Ezet, who was covering his chest with a wine glass, asked implicitly.

Court banquet dresses are made on the premise of dancing, so they enrich skirts with crinoline or pannier layers without considering sitting down.
It is a bonus to raise attention by adding colorful decorations.

But Ezet was wearing a simple indoor dress made on the premise of sitting in a single-person chair, which she wore when attending a small tea party.

In itself, it was not formal, but the crumpled frill on my chest was bothering me, and I couldn’t put my hands down calmly.

“It’s a place for you, Milady.
Who would say anything?”

“No matter what you say…”

As long as Edmond is around, there will be no open-minded quarrels, but there will be no stopping them from cursing inwardly.

It was her first debut stage, and he couldn’t care less about wearing something that didn’t suit her, but he avoided her eyes because he was worried that someone might approach her.

If she had stood in a dignified manner, she could have revealed her spirit as a Duchess.
After overcoming the crisis of emotion and regaining her reason, Ezet returned to her usual lack of confidence.

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The dystrophy was perfect prey for Countess Devon, who was seeking a chance to regain face.

“Duchess Jaxen.”

“Ye, yes?”

It was Marquis Base, the oldest member of the party, who spoke to her.
Countess Devon had already lost face in front of Ezet once, so this time she was approached the oldest Marquis Base to prevent her from being treated recklessly.

Countess Devon wants to hand this to the Duchess of Jaxen.”

Countess Devon was peremptorily covering her face with a fan and holding an empty glass of wine in her other hand.
Inside the glass was an amethyst of the same color as her pupils.
Marchioness Base took it and held it out to Ezet.

“Here you go, Duchess Jaxen.”

“Marchioness Base.
That’s Countess Devon’s jewel.”

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The jewel in the wine glass was a gift to the guests, so the owner of the glass has the right to keep it.
Is giving it back an unspoken protest that you don’t need a gift?

“If you don’t like amethyst, there are still a lot of jewels left in the fountain…”

“Oh, my God.
It’s not like that.”

Marchioness Base lowered the fan slightly with an elegant smile like an elderly lady.
The black spot under the red lips is apparent.

“We are all thrilled that you have prepared such a beautiful gift.
However, ‘the standard is determined by the circumstances of the giver, not the recipient of undeserved gifts.'”


Marquis Base looked slowly up and down at Ezet’s dress and continued.

“The gracious heart and tender attitude of distributing property to others rather than to use it for oneself is an example of a noble lady.
However, there is a degree of concession and consideration.”

It was a sarcastic saying that she was so poor that she couldn’t even fit a banquet dress, but she took care of the attention of others and overworked and prepared a crystal fountain full of jewels.

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