How does she confront strangers that mocks her with malice? Frustratingly loud voices would also be considered vulgar because they came from a poor, rural family and had no means of proving it to be true.
It was also unseemly to say that she would go to the northern outer castle and bring it.

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How on earth can she wisely deal with this situation? Ezet was confused.

“I heard the Duke and his wife are on good terms.”

“If they really had a good relationship, they wouldn’t have been absent from the public view for three years.”

“Maybe he hid it on purpose because he was afraid we’d find out that they didn’t get along if they showed up in public.”

“Oh, my God, don’t say that.
But don’t you feel sorry for the Duchess? Hohoho.”

Yet I felt like crying.

Edmond’s love law was strange, and he was angry not to follow him and ran away, and she ran away with anger to tell him not to follow him, ‘The Duke of Jaxen did not love his wife,’ she became enraged.

‘That’s not true.
Edmond loves me.’

In front of them, she wanted to shout such rude words.
But with what sense? Edmond isn’t around right now.
Tears welled up around Ezet’s eyes.

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“Come on, Duchess Jaxen.
Don’t stand there and come this way.
Let’s toast together.”

“Yeah, it’s supposed to be a couple bumping cups first, but let’s do it ourselves for the, Hehehe, Duchess Jaxen.”

Ladies and gentlemen laughed and held up wine glasses as if they cared so much for her, a loner.
Ezet hesitated and was forced to raise her glass.
If she refused to toast here, it would be even more ridiculous.

“Well, let’s toast today to the Duchess of Jaxen.”

To our new meeting.”

As the ladies raised their glasses as if they were happy to see a pushover in the group, Ezet closed her eyes tightly and raised the glass.


She heard a clear sound of wine glass crashing.
But it wasn’t the sound of several glasses clinking.

“The first toast is between a couple, Milady.”

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“I’m sorry I’m late.
I brought you a gift to surprise you, but it took a while longer than expected.”

Edmond, who smiled affectionately, covering her shoulders empty-handed, pointed to the chocolate fountain with his eyes.

No, it was not a chocolate fountain.

Wine… fountain?

There’s a fountain for wine, too.
Ezet, who was squinting with wonder and looking at the fountain, was surprised.
This is because the crystal fountain with wine was full of colorful jewels.

“Oh, my God…”

Those who saw the jewels submerged in dark wine were agitated.
It was the first time to see jewelry in the fountain, although it also contained decorations for beauty or ice-shaped glass.

People at the banquet took their breath away, alternating fountains, Duke of Jaxen and Edmond.

“Edmond, what the…”

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“Today is your social debut.
I have prepared a small gift to thank those who have gathered here.”

A small gift.

At first glance, there were hundreds of jewels filled with fountains.
It was only possible to understand whether the gem’s color was dark or light, but its transparency and the pure luster reflecting the waves were not those of cheap jewelry.

‘Where the hell did you get all this jewelry from?’

She had never heard of Edmond collecting jewels.
There were not so many jewels in Erit’s jewelry box.
Where the hell did all these jewels come from? Jewelry that Ezet doesn’t know.
And a jewel that even Edmond didn’t really look at.

They were gifts prepared by the Merchants’ Union in return for Edmond’s record of 4.9 billion Lund Diamonds at the Aldebaran Jewellery auction.

Of course, the merchant association said they would give him whatever he wanted, but Edmond, who wished to see Ezet soon, said he would buy everything because he was too lazy.

When Edmond paid for the jewelry he was going to give, as the person who set a new record at the auction, the Aldebaran merchant association donated a wine fountain made of crystal, and Edmond filled the fountain with all the jewels he had bought.

“I wanted to buy you everything precious, but you were angry that I wasted it.”

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“What? When did I…”

“You have to buy so much jewelry that you can’t use it all by yourself.”

Edmond greeted the nobles standing around with a wry smile.

“It’s not cool to get a refund, and it’s not very useful to donate.
So I prepared a special event for the people who came to greet my wife.”

As Edmond approached the glass and made a light toast to the crystal in the fountain where dark grape wine flowed down, the crystal petals that contained the wine in the shape of flowers opened with a piercing sound and spilled a jewel in the glass.
The gem, which entered the wine glass with the sound of a plop, shone beautifully in the transparent glass.

“Oh, my…”

“That’s great.
Cheers alone make crystal petals like that.
Is it a magical tool?”

“Either way, very delicate work would have been done.”

“If you drink all the wine in the glass, it will reveal the true color and radiance of the jewel.”

It was not just a series of precious jewels, but it was interesting by giving a small quest to get jewelry by drinking wine.

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