Ezet sat with her legs apart, leaning her head against the wall, gasping.
Her chest went up and down quickly to breathe out, but her head was foggy, and her arms and legs were numb.

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“Ha, ha, ha…”

The caress, which vigorously sucks in the clitor*s that exists only for pleasure, gave a different sense of satisfaction from insertion.

No, it was a joy beyond pleasure.
The touch of lips and moist tongue was still clear.
As the sound from sucking the liquid echoes, there was a deep lingering sensation in the place where his body temperature and touch had left.

“Y, you… did it.

“I’ve only done what you wanted.”

“This, my God, I’m like this…”

She said she wanted to.
One more time, she was not satisfied and constantly begged for the next.
The intense pleasure of multiple peaks was dizzying enough to paralyze her reason.
However, the higher she went, the deeper she felt.

If not inserted, she could reach its peak without burdening the body, but on the contrary, she could not help but feel the shock that came after the peak.
Chilling the excited skin was Edmond’s neat appearance in front of her, not the floor, walls, or air of the cold hallway.

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“Oh, my God, I’m in the hallway…”’

She couldn’t even cover her face because her fingertips were shaking.

Ezet leaned her head down, leaned her cheek on his shoulder, and wept.
Edmond pulled up the hem of Ezet’s robe, covering her exposed chest again, and flicking off the muddy end of his skirt.
As he helped and raised Ezet, who could still keep herself well, Ezet backed down, slapping his hand.

“How could you do this!”

“…didn’t you like it?”

“No, of course not!”

Perhaps because she was sitting against her back, Ezet trembled as the liquid flowed down the entrance.

She was so ashamed of herself for leaving her body to her husband without knowing shame in this open hallway and pursuing pleasure.
It was disgusting.

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No matter how thrilled she is about having sex with her husband when others may catch her, this is too much.
The heat that filled the place where all the reason and morality in the proposal have collapsed has long already escaped.
Ezet hated herself.
And she resents Edmond for making her hate herself so much.


“Calm down, Milady.”

“Let go of me!”

Ezet backed away, shaking off Edmond’s hand again.
Stumbling, she looked like she was about to collapse, but she didn’t.
Seeing her in tears with red eyes, Edmond was seriously worried that Ezet might be dehydrated.

“I rented a lounge next to the banquet hall.
Get some rest there…”

“Don’t touch me! Get away!”

Edmond pulled out his hand as Ezet screamed with disgust.
He hasted a little to destroy her reason, but there seemed to have been much resistance.

‘Even if it takes a little more time, I should have worked hard and warmed her up to the idea slowly.’

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Edmond had a slight eyebrow.
Accepting his frown as an expression of displeasure, Ezet faltered and backed away.

“Milady, don’t go.”

“No, I want to.
Don’t follow me.
I-I also know how to be angry.
Leave me alone!”

Ezet quickly turned around and ran away.
Edmond did not follow.
There was no need to get caught in the open hallway, but Ezet almost tripped and fell several times.
Feeling as if her ankle was going to bend, Ezet grabbed the wall and stopped, and took a breath.

But suddenly the wall moved, and she heard someone.

“Oh, my God, someone at the door…”


She thought it was the door that she considered as a wall.
Since the tea room of the Emperor and Empress was located on the third floor, is this a tea room for guests who gather and drink tea?

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As Ezet stepped away from the door, a thick wooden door shaped with red leather opened.
Appearing was an elegant lady with lustful platinum hair and purple eyes.

“If you’re blocking the door like that, we can’t come out.”

“I, I’m sorry.”

Ezet quickly bowed her head and apologized.
There were four more ladies next to the platinum-haired lady.
The girls in expensive-looking dresses were all beautiful and haughty.
These women must be ladies who were invited to the crowning of the Crown Prince.

Recognizing that it was getting darker and the sun was setting, Ezet realized it was time for the evening banquet.

‘Oh, my God, I must have wasted too much time.’

Today was the first day of the banquet, so it was a momentous occasion.
But she went into support to find the Crown Prince and returned and did something like that with her husband.
Her head throbbed with embarrassment, and Ezet pressed down on his temple.

“I’ve caused you trouble because I took the wrong turn.
I’m sorry to bother you.”

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