A Grumpy Cat Lives Beyond the Fence

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Edmond had initially been a man who was not interested in women.
When he was young, he was so hungry that he was only focused on relieving hunger, and after he became a mercenary, he blindly pursued money and solved it by looking for a large amount of requests.
And he only worked after becoming adopted by the Duke of Jaxen and inheriting the title.

Edmond, who loved everything going his way, automated the whole duchy system.

The reason why he didn’t go to the Imperial Palace or meet people was simple.
It was because it’s hard to predict change in human beings.
There are machines and magic tools that can be controlled completely, but there was no need to pay attention to humans.
So his wife, Erit, also existed only as a letter on paper.
However, his wife, whom he met after three years, protested against Edmond, saying he was irresponsible.
The words strangely got on my nerves.

Anyway, Edmond paid all the money his wife Erit spent, so he remembered the purchase.
She bought expensive jewelry, dresses, hats, strange wax figures, magical tools, useless instruments, and later masturbation.

Do you want to have sex with a man because you’re not satisfied with the pleasure tools? Then he just has to listen.
But the moment he touched her body, he realized.
The woman was not his wife.

‘Who is this woman?’

A woman who looks like his wife, wears her clothes, and shouts boldly in her room to do her husband’s duty.
But when Edmond approaches, the poor woman trembles with fright.

The moment he faced her, something changed inside Edmond.
Edmond hated the unpredictable.
That’s why he preferred quiet spaces where only immobile and orderly objects existed.

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But how about Ezet?

Edmond was curious.
How would she react if he touched this place, and what would she sound if he touched that place.
If he licks it like this, if he washed it like that, how would she feel if he hugged it, rubbed it, and teased the cramped flesh with his own?

It was unpredictable.
And yet, it was good.
He didn’t know what was wrong with him.
He wanted to hold and shake a woman like a rubber ball that bounced slim in his hand until he got tired of it, and he wanted to commit it mercilessly.
And he wanted to embrace her with care.

It was good to call his name with a clear voice like morning dew falling into a puddle of water.
He liked it because it felt like it was washing him clean as it cooled him down from the inside of his head.

“You’re too pure.”

Ezet said pleasure was corruption and sin, but that was just about right for her.
His greed and arrogance are washed away by her so clean, and if she changes him, shouldn’t he change her?

It defiles this innocent, pitiful and honest woman with its own hands.
That’s how they will become like each other.
Every time he changed, she changed with him.
The change was welcome.

“I’d prefer the one that’s a little dirtier.
That way, it will be balanced with me.”

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“Oh, yeah, yeah!”

“Milady, call my name.”

“Ed, Mond…!”


Instead of speaking to Ezet, Edmond wrapped his lips around her clit again and sucked it in.

“Hoo, ahhhh!”

With a lot of strength in her lower abdomen and thighs, Ezet leaned back her head and groaned.

Edmond, who likes to heat her up with effort, has deliberately avoided this caress.
This was because the simultaneous stimulation of licking and sucking was so intense that it took less than a minute to reach her peak.

However, she could not have been more appropriate to take down her desire because of morality and common sense.

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“How do you feel? Are you happy?”

“Hang, no.

“Are you feeling good? Please answer me.”

Ezet burst into tears and sighed hotly.
She didn’t even know what happened to her body.

But it was clear what she felt.
A quick and intense sense of pleasure engulfed her and brought her to the climax in a flash.
She felt as if she had been thrown into the sky.

“All right, all right.
It’s so… so good.”

“Do you want me to do it one more time?”

When she feels pleasure, a woman’s clitor*s can also get erect.
When he licked the red clit with his tongue and persistently buried it, which was much larger than when he first sucked it in with his lips, Ezet bit her fingertips and sobbed.

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“Oh, Edmond, please…”

“Would you like me to do it one more time?”

A demon who seduces and corrupts a woman.
For her sake, he was willing to be the devil.

“Huh, ha, one more time… uh… one more time…”

Transparent tears dripped down from the focusless amber eyes.
Why is it so sweet to lead a pure woman into a swamp of desire?

“As requested.”


She arched her head again, shivering all over again.
The intense climax had a long afterglow.
Irrational, Ezet repeatedly shook as if she were addicted, and Edmond wrapped his lips around the ragged bumps faithfully to her request and sucked them in force.

At its peak in a row without a chance to breathe, Ezet twitched all over her body like a seizure, and her legs completely loosened and collapsed.

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