“Isn’t that too much?”

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“What do you mean?”

“I’m not your doll, nor a pet.
Can’t I at least talk to someone who talks to me?”

“Oh, you want to talk to another man.”

The red eyes looking down at her were full of composure.
Judging that it was too much to retort, Ezet turned around, and he got close.

“What, what is it?”

Standing in front of Ezet, who recoiled and backed down, he gently bent over to meet the eye level.
Red eyes, red lips.
His shoulders trembled automatically in a seductive color that seemed to devour his opponent in front of him.

“Are you going to give another man a taste of that obscene body?”

“What are you talking about? I just want to talk…!”

“A man in his prime is, after all, a male in his passion.
Do you think there’s no black heart for a man who approaches a beautiful woman and pretends to be friendly?”

“Do you think all men in the world are like you?”

“Your wife doesn’t know the creatures called men.
There’s only one reason why a male approaches a female.

“No, no, what…!”

“Greeting you with a smile, after all…”

Edmond pulled down the hem and revealed her breasts.


“It means that I want to undress you like this and covet your breasts.”

The voluptuous breasts crumpled in a large hand.

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Ezet swallowed her breath and tried to escape his hand, but Edmond could not move and wrapped one arm around her waist.

“Asking about your personal affairs, this is how he will lift your skirt…”

The skirt of the dress fluttered, and Edmond came inside.


“It means that he wants to observe the slim legs and secret places that were hidden.”

“Eh, Edmond! You can’t do this!”

This is the Imperial Palace.
It is also a hallway with both sides wide open; anyone may appear at the end of the hallway and see the two.
Edmond smiled leisurely at the sight of the white-faced Ezet because no one came in and out of this hallway.

The number of employees working in the Imperial Palace and Inner Palace was vast, but they did not always roam the Palace.

As Edmond talked to the Emperor, he figured out when employees in the Inner Palace passed through the hallway.
From 5 p.m.
to 6 p.m., not even rats come near the northwest corridor on the second floor of the inner city.

Soldiers guarding the wall could see the inner corridor through the window, but for a couple of hours from late afternoon to low, the windows reflected light when the sun was lowered, and they could not see inside.
In particular, the corridor on the northwest side of the second floor cannot even reflect and face the sunlight setting in the west.

It was a thoroughly calculated crime, but Ezet, who had no idea what was going on, was nervous and impatient.
If anyone could witness her breast bare in this empty hallway and her husband sucking at her breasts…

“Oh, no! Edmond, stop…”

“To meet alone and stand side by side for a walk.
Putting themselves together, rubbing their flesh, stroking their curves…”

“Oh, no, no! That can’t be… Haa!”

At the touch of the hard palm rubbing against the slit with an unstoppable touch, Ezet seemed to be confused.
Why does she feel so good when she’s being treated so absurdly? Instinctively, his fingertips were angled to rub against the vocal cords.

It was so cute to see her twitch her hips and shake her waist as if to touch more.
Edmond continued in a dry voice, pretending not to know.

“The intention of eating together and drinking tea is all the more obvious.
It means they want to taste you.”

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“Ah, ah, ah, yeah!

Slipping her wet panties aside, pushing his tongue through the entrance, Edmond sucked in the liquid from the tight skin.

“It’s sweet.
It tastes like you.”


“You mean you want to let other men know about this taste?”

“Oh, no.
I’m talking; it’s just conversation……”

Do you want to talk so badly to the insidious beasts who are full of thoughts that will tear you to your heart’s content?”

“Hah, Daniel, he’s not that kind of person…”

Edmond’s reason was cut off when Daniel’s name came out of Ezet’s mouth.

“Yes, Daniel.
You liked that young man so much.”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

Edmond’s lips and tongue soon touched the wall as he pulled back little by little.
A large hand that grabbed and ripped off the panty strap on her pelvis grabbed her hip, and her elastic lips penetrated the bushes to find a small bump.

Her body flinched at the tip of her tongue with a slight touch of the clitor*s.
As he kissed the small, round bump, Ezet trembled and grabbed the window railing.

This, this, this…

There was a window in the back.
Someone might see two people outside the window.
Ezet shuddered and begged.

“Well, that’s enough.
This is the hallway…!”

“I told you I wouldn’t care about the location.”

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“Ah, ah, ah!”

Her waist bent round, and her legs widened as he wrapped his lips around the slowly swelling clitoris and sucked it in as if he was inhaling it.
The liquid spit out by the red lips rose and scattered like a fountain.

“To meet another man with such a lewd body.”

“Haaaah, oh…!”

At the height of one stroke, Ezet gasped and bowed her head.
The skirt of the dress obscured Edmond’s appearance, but the image and the touch of his tongue licking her vagi*a when her skirt was up, it was quite vivid.

“Ed, please stop… Someone might come.”

“Ask them to look.
You’re going to get excited anyway.”

Truthfully, Edmond had no intention of showing Ezet excitement to anyone.

The box seats of the Grand Theatre, where they went to see the opera together, were magically bound so that they could not be seen from the outside, so the singers and performers on stage could not see Ezet and Edmond.
She might have guessed that he lowered the curtain in the middle.

In addition, Edmond’s wagon, which he chose when touring Aldebaran, was also equipped with a protective film on the window so that one could not peek inside and soundproof to prevent sound from leaking.
Not only passers-by, but even the horseman who drove the wagon, would not have heard Ezet moan, but Edmond did not tell Ezet.

Because she got all the more excited when she thought others were watching their lewd behavior.

“No, this is not right…!”

“Not right?”

“It’s against common sense.
It’s something you shouldn’t do!”

Forcing nonsense is not the right way to love.
So was the common sense of the world that Ezet had known well.

But what about Edmond? Everything he did to Ezet was a far cry from her common sense.
He was forced, violent and self-righteous, and held on to the leash of reason, shaking it persistently until she missed it.

If it is Ezet’s nature that she gets excited when she makes an obscene appearance in front of others, it was right to hide and suppress such an unconventional nature.

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But Edmond was weird.
Instead, he tells her to pursue desire, even by blowing up reason, common sense, and morality.

“Why, why are you so… Are trying to shame me…?

Edmond looked up at the sobbing words of Ezet, unable to resist shame.
His skirt fluttered, and he was revealed.

“You don’t want me to do this?”

“It’s a stupid thing to do…”

“You don’t want to be subjected to this?”

“Obscenity is a sin.
It’s corruption.”

Marital relationships are always discreet, only in a bedroom out of reach.
Nor was it acceptable to have lewd sex like a rutting beast.
For the couple, sex was a noble duty to create a second generation and had to be made up of feelings of love and respect.

That was the common sense that Ezet knew.
But nothing from Edmond’s actions fit her common sense.

“I, I love being humiliated by this… I’m going to be a weird girl…!”

“Then be a strange woman.”


“You say it feels good, but there’s no reason to quit.”

“It’s, like, what the…”

“Sin? Corruption? Who can say such profanity to Milady?”

When the eyes met, the eyes poured out as if their hearts would stop.
There was a storm of emotion in his red eyes.

“To Milady, who dares to say that?”

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