“You’re late, Milady.”

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“Eh, Edmond? How can…”

Edmond, who thought she would be in the Palace to meet the Emperor, was there as if he had waited for her to come out of the back garden.

“The Empress broke her promise.
She said she’d take good care of you so you wouldn’t fly away.”

“Oh, no, it’s not her fault! I was looking for the Crown Prince…”

His Highness the Prince?”

Edmond’s red eyes turned to Daniel.
He doesn’t feel good….
Rather, it was a crisis.

In an unattended back garden, the hem of the dress is so muddy that the skirt is scattered (Actually, this is because the trees of patronage are so dense that the shape of the tree collapsed, due to which the twigs pulled the hem) and she came out with a young man.

She knows it’s the kind of situation to be misunderstood, but she felt wronged now.

She almost tripped and fell off without knowing that it was a pond because the flowers covered it.
Daniel just saved her life like that.

After that, Daniel helped her, who couldn’t walk fast because of shoes and dresses, and the Crown Prince went back to the castle first and was not here.

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“I’m afraid you’re misunderstanding, but I’m afraid you’re… No, I didn’t do anything rude to your wife.
I’m just guiding her because the path of the back garden is complicated.”

Daniel, who saw Ezet’s troubled face, stepped up to explain, but Edmond’s expression didn’t soften at all.

“I didn’t ask you.”


“Milady broke her promise, right?”

A promise not to make eye contact with another man and talk to him.
As a condition of keeping the promise, Edmond brought Ezet to the Imperial City to meet the Emperor and Empress and attend the banquet.
But she broke that promise and appeared to talk to Daniel.

Belatedly realizing what Edmond was displeased about, Ezet bit her lip and lowered her head.

“But… but it’s….”

“I made it clear that I would not listen to excuses.”


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As Edmond pulled her wrists without letting go, Ezet staggered and fell into his arms.

“What are you doing? Don’t do anything violent!”

“It’s between husband and wife.
Would you please stay out of it?”

“No, I cannot condone the act of ignoring your wife’s will and trying to be forceful.
That’s violence.”

As Daniel confronted him with a severe face, Edmond’s hand wrapped around Ezet’s shoulder became a little harder.
His red eyes looked up, and it was extraordinary.
The emotion in those eyes is unpleasant, angry, or… It was a willingness to kill.

“Eh, Edmond!”

Edmond would not leave Daniel alone if left alone, so Ezet hurriedly called his name and hung on.

Edmond was the strongest mercenary and warrior to defeat numerous beasts and even kill dragons that threatened the empire’s borders.
Daniel, who had a soft impression that he had never held a sword before, was no match for it.
If Edmond gets a kick and Daniel gets badly hurt, she will be embarrassed to see Marchioness Spencer.
She didn’t want Edmond to hurt anyone.

“My dress and shoes are dirty.
I have to change my clothes to attend the banquet in the evening.
We’re running out of time, so let’s go.”

“…… ”

“Hurry up.
I don’t want to be in front of other people like this.”

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Edmond picked up Ezet, turned his back, and strode to the west door.
With a complete disregard for Daniel standing behind him.

Ezet waved a small hand at Daniel, who was seen over his shoulder, hugging Edmond.

Edmond, who entered the preface of the castle, carried her up to the second floor.
The golden sun poured down the long corridor connecting the western and northern buildings.
Even after the hottest hours had passed, when he received the lowered sunlight from the front, his eyes were dazzled, and Ezet buried her face on Edmond’s shoulder.

“Don’t run into that young man again.”

“Edmond, he’s from the Spencer family.
Grandmother’s friend’s… We’re a family.”

She didn’t know if it’s a grandson or a nephew, but if it’s enough to call each other’s name, he won’t be low-ranking.
No matter how much Edmond was the most extraordinary aristocrat in the Empire, it would seem rude to ignore him so openly.

“I don’t care.
Ignore it.”

“I’m telling you I care.”

“I don’t want you bumping into him.”

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It was a word of blatant vigilance.
Now that he’s shown that twice, she knows that Edmond, who has a strong desire to monopolize, just can’t move on.

But on the other hand, she was upset.
Ezet is now the Duchess of Jaxen.
No matter how small her family is on the western periphery, it is apparent that she is a nobleman who does not even have territorial autonomy.

Came into the duchy as a wife, not a maid.
But what kind of treatment is this now?

“Let me off, Edmond.”

“I heard your shoes got dirty.
You can’t dirty the carpet in the hallway.”

He said this knowing that he says so, Ezet will be surprised and well-behaved.
Noticing that he was using such a way of speaking on purpose to control her, Ezet resisted uncomfortably.

“If the carpet is broken, we can buy a new one and change it! I have a lot of money, too.”


“Let me off!”

Edmond lowered Ezet, and she took a step back from touching him.
The amber eyes that looked up were filled with resentment.

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