‘Why, why do you smile at me…’

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Ezet, seeing his maritime smile with no surprise or resentment and no malice in returning in the eyes of suspicion, was somewhat embarrassed and avoided his gaze.

Prince Philip, who was looking at the faces of the two alternately, asked with a grin.

“…would you like a seat?”

“What are you talking about, Philip? Excuse me, lady.”

“But the fact that there’s a man and a woman alone in a forest like this, to do this, to do that…”

“Hua, Crown Prince!”

Who the hell taught a kid such a crazy thing? Ezet stopped Philip with a bewildered look.

“I’m here to find the Crown Prince.”

“Huh? Me?”

“The Crown Prince has suddenly disappeared, and Her Majesty is worried.
All your servants are out there looking for you.”


Prince Philip carried the flowers in one arm and scratched his head with his other hand.
Seeing that, Daniel hardened his friendly expression a little.

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“Philip, you lied to me.
You said it’s okay because it’s break time.”

“No, that’s not it! I left a note on the lounge table.”


“I was going to leave a note, but there was no paper or pen, so tea on the table.”

Prince Philip said he took out black tea with a teaspoon and wrote down a note on the table saying, ‘I will go to back garden.’

“…Doesn’t black tea dry over time? It’s no wonder that the servants are confused and find Philip.”

“I… yes.”

“Why did you sneak out without telling your servant?”

“I don’t think they’ll let me out if I told them.
I wanted to study flowers with Daniel today.”

“But that shouldn’t worry so many people.
I’ll put off the experiment for another time.”

When Daniel cut firmly, Crown Prince Philip presented the flowers he had held with a glum face to Ezet.

“Your Royal Highness?”

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“Flowers are given to women.
You keep it.”

What is he talking about?

Ezet, who accepted the flower in a hurry, had an absurd look on her face, but the Crown Prince went to Daniel’s side with a relaxed face and stood close to him.

“…it’s Gerbera.”

“Yeah, I picked the brightest colors.”

It was a very colorful Gerbera.
Initially, they were intended to experiment with Daniel on what scent they smelled and what insects they collected.
Now that the experiment has stopped and become obsolete, he’s giving it to Ezet.

But the color is gorgeous.

She didn’t hate the flowers, so Ezet thanked Crown Prince Philip.

“Let’s go back, Philip.
I have to help Lady Maria…”

“No, it’s okay! I can walk alone!”

“But there’s mud on your shoes.”

It’s not clean, even though it’s been cleaned moderately.
However, Ezet, who was embarrassed to be assisted by an outsider even though she didn’t hurt her leg, decided just to wear shoes.

Fortunately, during the conversation, she could only feel the dry mud and the rough grain of soil on her toes, but the unpleasantly sticky feeling disappeared.

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“Watch your step.
If you step out of the mud, you might fall again.”

“Sir Spencer…”

“Please call me Daniel.”

The hand he gave to the escort was so natural that Ezet put her hand on his hand without realizing it.
For a man, a very bright, delicate hand wrapped around her thin finger.


Only then, realizing that she held hands with Daniel, Ezet tried to pull out her hand, but no matter how soft his hands were, the difference in power between men and women could not be overcome.
Instead, he supported her body, which collapsed toward Daniel.

“…I’ll get you out of your way, too!”

“No, Philip!”

“I’m leaving first!”

Prince Philip waved his hand and ran toward the Imperial Palace.
She doesn’t know what the misunderstanding is.
Daniel apologized to the embarrassed Ezet.

“I’m sorry, Miss Maria.
If I had known Philip had sneaked out, I would have sent him back right away, but I didn’t know for sure, so I let the lady walk this far.”

“Oh, no.
It’s not Daniel’s fault.”

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“It’s my job to make sure Philip doesn’t do anything wrong.”

“What? Uh, but Daniel and the Crown Prince…”

She thought they overcame the age gap because they called each other friendly names.

“The more precious you are, the more reasonable it is to lead you to the right path without going bad.”

“Oh, yes, it is.”

Unlike Edmond, who pushes her into the depths of debauchery and depravity, far from leading her to the right path, Daniel was a sincere young man.

Ezet, who thought Daniel had secretly taken the Crown Prince out of the house when she first met them here, apologized inwardly for misunderstanding him.

Upon exiting the back garden, Imperial Palace’s preface was seen.
At the end of the dress, Ezet brushed off the dried mud and greeted Daniel.

“Thank you for your patience, Daniel; I have to go say hello to the Empress, so please excuse me first.”

“I have to see her too, so let’s go together.”

“No, I will see her Majesty alone.”

Daniel’s hand was thrown away, and a large hand grabbed Ezet’s wrist.
The colorful Gerbera that Ezet was holding fell to the floor.

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