Ezet looked out through the window of the Crown Prince’s room.
She saw the back garden.
Unlike the perfectly organized central garden, the rear garden was quite thick with bushes, and there were quite a variety of flowers, not as colorful as the central garden.

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‘Maybe he’s going to be in the back garden?’

The empress and maid were still searching every corner of the Imperial Palace.
Ezet quickly came down the stairs and came out through the back door to sponsor.


A cool wind blew and disturbed Ezet’s hair.

Even if it was just a back garden, it was tremendous.
Even if the crown prince was in here, she didn’t think she could find him alone.
Would it be better if she brought more people?

A white butterfly was seen flying in the sight of Ezet, who was agonizing over it.

Butterflies and bees…

Ezet took a step in the direction of the butterfly flying away.
A space full of blue-purple flowers appeared, passing through a lush tree following a white butterfly fluttering away.

‘It’s amazing… there’s a place like this.’

There were layers of round leaves and blue-purple and white flowers at the top.
What kind of flower is this?

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As she approached closer to look at the flowers, Ezet’s feet fell down.


“It’s dangerous!”

Cold water enveloped one ankle with a rustling sound of rustling and leaves.
If it weren’t for the person who held her from behind, she would have fallen.

“There’s a pond there, so be careful.
It’s not visible because flowers and leaves cover it, but it’s a big problem.”

“Th, thank you for your help…”

Standing in a mess after pulling his foot out of the pond, he was surprised to see the face of the man who saved him.

Beautiful blonde with jade eyes.
He is a young man whom she met at the Grand Theatre when she went to see the opera with Edmond.
Did he say Daniel Spencer?

“Sir…… Spencer”

“You remember me, Miss Maria.”

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It was an alias used by Ezet when she visited the Grand Theatre.
Daniel seemed to have mistaken Edmond’s alias for a real name at the time.

‘It was so dark, yet you remembered my face.’

Daniel is such a beautiful young man like a flower, so it’s not strange to recognize him at once, but she didn’t expect him to remember her.
Ezet regretted not wearing a mask at the time.
This is because both her cheeks got hotter just by recalling the strange situation at that time.

“Maria, are you all right?”

“Oh, no, I don’t think Maria…”

Ezet, who tried to introduce herself after correcting that she was not Maria, belatedly recalled her husband’s request, avoided eye contact, and closed her mouth.

‘Oh, Edmond told me not to talk to another man.’

She has already exchanged a few words.
But it was back garden, and the only people here were them.
How can she do that when her opponent has been talking to her, avoiding eye contact, and ignoring the conversation? Ezet is in a bind.

But this is back garden, and no one’s watching…… Edmond isn’t here anyway, and it seems that Daniel and Edmond don’t know each other’s identity.
Is it a big deal to answer the questions?

Danielle, looking at Ezet, who was not answering because she was trying to rationalize herself, mistook her for being too shy to reply.

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“First of all, sit here, miss.”

Daniel, smiling brightly, sat Ezet on a broad rock.
Then he sat down on one knee and slightly rolled up her skirt.

“Hey! Now, wait! What’s wrong with you…!”

“Your shoes are wet.
The white shoes are a mess.”

As Daniel said, Ezet’s white shoes were tangled with mud and grassroots.
I just dipped it in the pond for a while, but it’s so dirty.
The deep pond in the back garden seemed to be poorly managed.

“Did you get lost during a walk?”

“No, I don’t…”

“Unlike the central garden, it’s a bad place, and there are lots of ponds because it’s allowed to keep its natural features.
It’s dangerous if you come all the way into this kind of back garden by yourself.”

“No, I’m not, Your Highness…”


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A young child popped out of the opposite bush, cutting Ezet off.
It was a boy with reddish-brown hair and light green eyes that closely resembled the Empress.
About twelve or thirteen years old.
The grass got messy here and there, but the child’s blouse was of the highest quality, and the buttons on the best were pure gold.


“Daniel is touching a woman’s leg!”

“Oh, my God!”

At the boy’s comments, Ezet hurriedly covered her toes with her clothes.
The end of the dress was damp with mud, but there was no other way when the shoes were peeled off.

The boy crouched in an uncomfortable position with his feet on the rock and knees slightly lifted, and he came to her and tilted his head.
He had an armful of flowers in his arms.

‘This is Philip the Crown Prince.’

Crown Prince Philip and Daniel seem to be on friendly terms.

Did Daniel call Philip back?

She looked at Daniel with suspicion, but he smiled softly, seemingly completely unaware of the meaning of her expression.
It was a radiant smile like a flower.

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