Edmond had no intention of antagonizing the imperial family.
He didn’t mean to risk the hassle of independence from the empire.
However, if the Empress embarrasses or hurts Ezet’s tender heart, he would immediately take her to Duchy and be willing to wage war.

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“Huhuhuhu, okay.
I’ll take care of your wife, so she doesn’t fly away.”

The Empress smiled back at Edmond’s solemn eyes.

‘As expected, this woman is the weakness of the Duke of Jaxen.’

For peace between the Imperial Family and the Duke, friendship with Ezet was essential.
Edmond was a dangerous creature that could not be conciliated or threatened by the Emperor’s command.
Still, if she talked about the situation of the imperial family with gentle and soft Ezet and asked her to do so, she would maintain their current relationship with Edmond.

Edmond greeted politely and left the mirror room, and the Empress smiled gracefully and led Ezet to the opposite door.

“Duchess Jaxen, there is a display of pottery imported from across the sea.
Why don’t you take a look together? It’s a beautiful color.”

“Of course, it’s an honor, Your Majesty.”

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The Empress was still a nervous wrecking opponent, but for Ezet, who managed to escape from her devilish husband, the Empress looked rather like an angel.
She was trying to follow the Empress into the pottery showroom, and suddenly someone came rushing in from behind her.

“Your Majesty, Your Majesty!”

“What’s going on? There’s a guest of honor, and there’s such a commotion.”

The middle-aged lady, who rushed into the mirror room almost like a jump, wore a neat yet luxurious gray dress.
I wonder if she’s a maid of honor.

“His Highness is gone!”

* * *

Imperial Palace was turned upside down, looking for the missing Crown Prince.
The Empress and maid focused their search on the prince’s residence and where he often went.
Ezet also joined the search for the crown prince because she could not leave the Empress and her maids looking for him.

“When was the last time you saw him?”

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“Lord Buffeller, who was teaching mathematics, asked for his understanding and finished the class early on in the news that there was a fire at his house.
His legs hurt, so I took them to the lounge and went away momentarily…….”

“I’ve told you many times not to take your eyes off for a moment.”

“I’m sorry.”

The woman, who seemed to be the nanny of the Crown Prince, bowed her head to the knee and begged for forgiveness.

“Ah, really.
I tried to have his first banquet this evening, but why is he causing so much trouble again……”

The empress knitted her brows and put her hand on her forehead as if she had a headache.

From the time she couldn’t even walk, the legendary Crown Prince, who left the bed and climbed on a pole while his nanny had been in the bathroom for a while, seemed to have become rebellious day by day.
Instead, even if they were flashing on the wall at the same time, they would not be able to catch a glimpse of the prince’s hair no matter how hard they looked.

“Your Majesty, is there any other place for the Crown Prince to go?”

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“He’s a curious kid, but he hates people, so he doesn’t go to crowded places.
He rarely goes to his room, his lounge, his library…”

He hates people and likes books.
The Crown Prince seemed to have a similar personality to Ezet.

Of course, she wasn’t powerful enough to crawl all fours around the Imperial Palace…

The grandmother, who lost weight taking care of Erit, who has a beagle-like vitality that can’t stay still for a while, used to say dimly that her younger brother, Ezet, was too calm to raise.

Then, is the Crown Prince the type of Erit’s vigor combined with the unsociable aspects of Ezet?

Ezet asked the Crown Prince’s maid implicitly.

“Do you happen to know what books the Crown Prince has been reading lately?”

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“Well, up there…….”

Perhaps she didn’t even check the contents of the book that the Prince read.

The maid, with her eyes down embarrassedly, looked up as if she remembered something.

“Oh, lately…”


“I felt like he was reading a book about flowers and insects.
There was a commotion because they experimented with butterflies and bees in the room, saying that flowers calling butterflies are different from flowers calling bees.
The servants were distraught for fear of His Highness being stung by a bee.”

“Flowers and insects.”

The Crown Prince hates people, likes books, and is curious.
His latest interests are flowers and insects.
If you wanted to continue the experiment since servants scolded you for catching bees indoors, you would probably go outside and do it.

The central garden must not have gone that way because there are a lot of people walking around.
If you get caught, you’ll get in trouble again.
Then a place out of reach of human eyes.

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