“Ed, Ed, please, don’t do this…”

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“What do you mean, don’t do this? I’m not doing anything.”

“Ha, but now I’m… …”

“If someone’s doing something, it’s not me; it’s your obscene imagination.”


The effect of what Edmond said last night was more than expected.
Just by holding hands, touching hair, or whispering in her ear, Ezet looked embarrassed, surprised.

The anxiety of not knowing when Edmond would humiliate herself, coupled with the rich imagination she developed throughout her life, creating a sense of stimulation and pleasure.

“Uh, uh…”

Ezet’s fist-clenched hands trembled, and she closed her eyes tightly.
Her back was tense.

Did he feel it?

Ezet was wearing an elegant brown dress today.
Invited to tea time, she wore only a short petticoat, not a pannier, to sit down and drink tea.

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{TN- Panniers or side hoops are women’s undergarments worn in the 17th and 18th centuries to extend the width of the skirts at the side while leaving the front and back relatively flat.

The skirt, slightly different in color from the elegant brown silk with less gloss, looked like four large brown pumpkin leaves.
Underneath the skirt is a large bright brown frill, a light yellow frill at the waist, and a tightly wrapped jacquard fabric with acorn and lark patterns, making it look colorful and lovely even in a modest brown dress.

It was good to know what the skirt would look like, lively and elegant, which had nothing to do with sex.
What might be happening between those sleek legs.

“…you’re wet.”

“Oh, I’m not!”

Somehow hiding her agitated expression, Edmond’s lips lifted with a grin as Ezet trembled with her skirt tightly clasped.


“Before Her Majesty.
It’s not polite if we whisper for too long.”

Edmond grabbed Ezet’s hand with a neat face as he whispered a language that she couldn’t even speak in front of others until just now.


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Ezet lowered Edmond’s hand as if electricity had been raised just by her husband’s body temperature.

The tiny, delicate hand couldn’t shake off Edmond’s strong hand anyway.
Ezet wrapped her hand with her other hand and turned her back.

“Stop… ..it’s not the Duchy, it’s the Imperial Palace, and the Empress is watching.
It’s rude to do this.
It’s a nuisance.”

“It’s certainly a nuisance.”

When he wants her, Imperial Palace doesn’t let him hold her.
The Emperor’s invitation, and the Empress’s guidance, were undoubtedly a waste.

If this had been his mansion, he would have crawled into her skirt already, stripped off his dirty underwear, and teased Ezet to his heart’s content.

Ezet’s appearance in the mirror had a slight blush on her cheeks, but her clothes were neat.
It would be natural to look neat because he didn’t touch it, but it was not difficult to guess what the body looked like inside the neat clothes.

He has seen enough to be able to draw even with his eyes closed.


A good idea suddenly came to his mind.

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“Madam, we’d better get back to your Outer Palace.
I will go see His Majesty again with my wife.”

“Oh, yeah…”

“Oh, my God, Duke Jaxen.
Come on, let the Duchess stay here a little longer.
I want to talk to the Duchess more while you meet him.”

The Empress, who became interested in Edmond’s behavior as if he was trying to hide his wife in the outskirts again, dissuaded him.

“Duchess Jaxen, will you spare me some time?”

“What? Oh… Yes, o, of course, Your Majesty.”

Ezet didn’t have the guts to refuse the Empress, telling her to stay longer.
When she answered with a quick bow, Edmond looked sorry and then let go.
The Empress was carefully watching the two people.

‘Surely the Duchess Jaxen is a lovely woman.
But that wouldn’t be all her charm.’

As a mercenary, Edmond, who defeated the dragon and became adopted by the former Duke of Jaxen, has been newlywed for three years, so Ezet is no ordinary woman.

What kind of woman is she, the owner of 4.9 Billion Lund diamonds and the magical woman who makes the Duke of Jaxen, a great romantic?

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“Come on, don’t mind us, Duke of Jaxen.
There are stories among women that can only be shared without men.”

“Your Majesty, you must not embarrass Milady.”

“Oh, my God, aren’t you overprotecting me? I’m not a bird in a cage.”

“That’s all the more frustrating.
I can protect you if I put me in a cage, but I don’t.”

“Oh, my God.”

It wasn’t a bad thing for the Empress to show curiosity about Ezet.

Authors Harriet was a minor noble family in the west who did not even have the authority to enter the Imperial Palace, so Ezet’s background was insignificant.

Counts, marquis, and even noble ladies from royal families will attend the court banquet hall, but no matter how powerful the Duke was, he could not stop them from looking down on Ezet.
But what if she ingratiates herself with the Empress?

Even if Edmond knows how to follow her, he has a strong background.
She was given a bonus of a Jaxen Duchy reputation and a woman welcomed by the Empress, so it was not bad for Ezet.

There was only one thing Edmond was concerned about.
That Ezet is nervous in front of the Empress.
Whether it was her body or mind, he was worried that the Empress would make any one of them a little uncomfortable.

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