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After tea time with the emperor, the Empress led them to the mirror room.

“This is the most beautiful place in the Palace.
I want to show it to the Duchess of Jaxen.”

“Thank you, Your Majesty.”

The mirror room was a decorative room with a multi-sided wall made of mirrors, and even the ceiling building was covered with geometric patterns.
It was a mysterious space where one could see yourself in various ways when one enters it.

Allowing her to enter this mirror room, which can never be entered without the Empress’s permission, and even guiding her in person meant that the Empress was very fond of Ezet.

Among the Imperial Ladies, a woman who entered this mirror room was chosen.
It was true that Ezet did not know that she was the envy of the ladies just because she was invited, but she knew what it meant for the Empress to guide someone personally in the special room of the Royal Family.

‘Fortunately, she doesn’t hate me.
I guess the first impression wasn’t bad.’

In case she made a mistake in front of the empress and was worried about buying a glare, she was nervous about who Edmond and the Duchess of Jaxen would be.
Ezet breathed a sigh of relief and looked up at the mirror room.

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“Wow… it’s so beautiful.
The mirror reflects the light, so it feels like we’re in the land of light.”

I’m glad you like it.”

The number of mirrors placed along the ceiling dome and mirrors surrounded by all sides was almost impossible to count.

Even if just a single light turned on, the light reflected in the mirror wrapped around her, making her eyes blind.
Ezet felt as if she was in a magical temple with a group of light floating around it.

“Oh, Edmond.
Look at that.
We’re reflected in such a small mirror.”

“I see.
It’s good to see your beautiful figure from every direction.”

“…What are you talking about?”

Unable to speak loudly in front of the Empress, Ezet turned her head with a blush on her cheek.
Loving the reddish ears, Edmond casually touched her earlobes with his fingertips.
Then the little shoulder shrank.

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It was a light touch.
Edmond merely rubbed her feet under the table during tea time with the emperor and had no further contact.
But even that was a dizzying experience for Ezet.

Just because Edmond didn’t touch her body directly wasn’t a good thing.
Right now, it’s just a very light touch, but the anxiety of not knowing what’s going to happen afterward gave Ezet the chills.

“And what else are you going to do………!”

It was the same now that she was anxious.
Edmond was just fiddling with her earlobes, but mirrors all over the place reflected the two.
As if there were a lot of eyes watching her, Ezet trembled and turned her head.

“Eh, Edmond… It’s in front of the Empress.”

“I see.
The mirror is shining on us.”

With a languid smile, Edmond gently bent over and whispered in Ezet’s ear.

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“Hugging Milady in this room will give you a complete picture of what position we’re connected to.”

“Ha, hi!”

A sensual low-pitched sound penetrated her ears, causing dizziness at the moment.
Fortunately, Edmond was right next to her, so she didn’t fall.

The empress smiled benevolently at the two.
The Empress, about five steps away, can’t hear the whispers, so you’ll think Edmond is whispering to her the word of love.


“Look, Milady.
It’s a mirror on the floor, isn’t it? Your lewd hole will even shed some fluid and munch on me.”

“What, what… In front of the Empress, now…”

“So keep quiet.
You don’t want to be caught, do you?”

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Edmond didn’t touch Ezet’s body.
He just whispered obscene words in her ear.
But just by listening to his voice, She felt as if she was being molested.

The situation that the empress is watching, so she shouldn’t change her expression or groan because the Empress is watching, which made her body even more tense, and her creepy sensations entwined her whole body.

“Yeah, that mirror would give you a glimpse of how your breasts were shaking.
Even the cute pink bud movement…”

“Stop, stop, Ed…”

Is this some kind of hypnosis? Just by Edmond’s still whisper, She felt as if his hands were pulling down the hem of her clothes and caressing her chest.

Every time his fingers rub the soft breasts vigorously, the shape of the breasts changes, and every time he rubs the nipples with his thumb’s tip and flicks them with his fingertips, the feeling of shivering.
The pleasure of wrapping the nipples with hot lips, sucking them in, rounding them with moist tongues, and licking them.

‘Oh, my God.

The seductive caress of a man who had already been imprinted on her body distinctly came to mind, and Ezet swallowed her breath.
His body was nowhere to reach, yet she even got the illusion that the moist tongue was licking the whole body.

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