Instead of the chandelier, the iron lights on the wall were relatively low in location, so she thought she could drink tea in subtle lighting if she visited here in the evening.

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“It’s my first time since I gave up my title three years ago.
I was disappointed that I wasn’t invited to your wedding.”

“A simple wedding was not a place to serve His Majesty.
Thank you for sending a congratulatory gift.”

“If I had known you had such a beautiful wife, I would have stood in the corner and watched.”

“…Your Majesty.”

Ezet gently bowed her head and replied.
She couldn’t be ashamed of herself for being praised for being beautiful.
She held her hands in her lap, nervous as she thought she should make no mistake in front of the Empress.

‘He said he has only seen the Emperor once, but Edmond isn’t nervous at all? It’s so natural.’

It seems that the only small citizen who is nervous enough to get cold hands and feet here is herself.

Ezet was a noblewoman from birth, and Edmond was a commoner, but Edmond seemed a royal of noble descent if one looked at them now.
She would look like a commoner woman who stole someone’s identity and entered the Palace.

‘…..stolen identity.’

Erit should have been sitting here, not her.

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She felt a little relaxed when she thought of Erit as a corner of her chest was sour.
As expected, she believes it is more effective to think of gloomy thoughts than pleasant ones when nervous, and Ezet slightly raised her head.

“I sent out invitations every month, and I’m a little sad that you’re finally here.”

“Oh, I’m sorry…”

“My wife isn’t feeling very well.
I couldn’t help it.”

Before Ezet could say I’m sorry I didn’t visit you earlier, Edmond interrupting.

“Oh, it’s a big deal that the Duchess is in poor health.”

“No, it’s not that she’s in bad shape.”

“What? Then…”

“Because she’s newly married.
We’re having a hard time going out because she’s suffering all day.
After all, I didn’t let her go.”

“Oh, my God.”

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The Empress smirked at Edmond’s brazen reply, and Ezet’s heart almost jumped out of her mouth.

‘What did you just say?’

Did he even say in front of the emperor and empress, ‘She couldn’t go out because she was busy having sex all day?’ Ezet felt the front of her eyes blurry white.

‘How on earth does this man not know such shame?’

Edmond was nonchalant, even as Ezet glanced.
Sitting in a chair, fixing his eyes on the Emperor and Empress, and putting down the teaspoon of the teacup was elegant enough to sigh.

“It’s been three years since the wedding, and you’re still newlywed.
I envy you.”

“The good thing about a married couple is that they are comparable to the two Majesty’s.”

“Oh, my God.”

The empress smiled pleasantly.

It was never a good thing to appeal to a married couple in an aristocratic society.
Instead, it was perfect to be nit-picked by others.

However, if Edmond, who inherited the title from the previous Duke of Jaxen, had complaints because he didn’t like his wife, that was also a problem.
If the marriage is annulled and a new bride is chosen, the Imperial Family will have to enter a state of tension.
The more powerful the Jaxen Duchy’s wife was, the more likely a feud between the Imperial Family and the duke would be.

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Therefore, from the perspective of the Emperor and Empress, it was better for the Duke of Jaxen to be in love with his wife and not to have time to think about anything else.

‘Fortunately, Edmond’s unscrupulous words were not taken rudely.’

Relieved, Ezet raised a cup of tea to quench her dry mouth.

It was then.


The tip of the skirt shook slightly, and the shoe tip came in and touched Ezet’s ankle bone.

Ezet was so surprised that she almost sprayed her black tea.
Fortunately, it did not happen due to the extremely tense situation in front of the Emperor and Empress.

She held on to the teacup with trembling hands.
Not to drink tea, but to cover the mouth.

‘H, he’s crazy! In front of the Emperor…!’

The feet in black shoes came next to her feet in white heels and clung together.
Then he moved his feet back and forth and started rubbing the ends of his shoes.

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In reality, it was only rubbing the sides of his feet, Edmond’s shoes, and Ezet’s heels, so it wasn’t even bare skin contact.

However, after remembering Edmond at dawn that he would molest her, she had to tremble with nervousness even when he only rubbed her feet together.

Maybe he would taste her, or perhaps it’s just the beginning.
Whether to rub her foot with his shoe, whether to tap the back of her foot or skim his legs through the inside of her calf, but push his hand in a way that it won’t be seen from the Emperor’s side, touching her hips or stimulating between her legs.

Imaginative Ezet was ashamed to think of things Edmond hadn’t tried.

No matter how high the table is and how long the tablecloth covers the lower body of the two, the Emperor and Empress are sitting opposite them.
It wasn’t something to be sniffed at.


“Yes, Milady.”

Even if she calls his name in a trembling voice with desperation, he answers with his usual friendly face as if he knows nothing.

He was smiling.

It was a danger sign.

The Emperor and Empress, who did not know how he and her legs were intertwined under the tablecloth and what was happening to their shoes and ankles, were just pleased to see the newlywed couple.

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