Every time the tip dug into a puffy slit and fell out again, clear liquid spilled out.
The hand holding his pillar gradually drained, and the insertion deepened.

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“Oh, yeah, deep…”


Seeing her posture completely perched on top of him, Edmond exhaled deeply and pushed down a thin strap on her shoulder.
The loose slip flowed down, wrapped around the waist, and revealed the visible breasts.

“Move yourself.”

“Ah, ed…….”

“Don’t I say it was punishment?”

“haah heuk…”

It was a magnificent sight to see her shaking her waist and steadily pursue pleasure.
Every time her chubby thighs and hips curled up and down, her greedy chest also danced.

It’s obscene, honest, and pure.
She’s an unbearably cute woman.
Edmond shook her waist and lifted it hard from underneath.
Her slender body fluttered, and her scream was cut into small pieces.

‘A week at the Palace will not be boring.’

In Ezet’s room, in his own room, in the bathroom.
Just by changing the place, there will be a different tension.

Edmond glanced at the black partition over the awning.
A heavy-looking thick cloth surrounded the tall partition.
He thought he’d be able to do something even more enjoyable if he used that.

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* * *

It was not until the next afternoon that the two men were able to head to Inner Palace to meet the Emperor and Empress.

“Edmond, are you sure you don’t mind if I join you?”

“Of course, the message was to visit together.”

“But I have never seen the Emperor.
What if I make a mistake in front of him?”

“You can do it.”


“Because no one can say anything just because you make a mistake.”

“It’s in front of the Emperor!”

“That’s not a big deal.”

Edmond bowed nonchalantly and wrapped his arm around Ezet’s shoulder.

“The Emperor is just a symbol of the Empire.
He’s not a god or a demon, so you don’t have to be nervous.”

Edmond is probably the only person in this empire to treat the Emperor as a symbol when he goes to the Imperial Palace.

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She really can’t keep up with this guy’s way of thinking.’

Even though Edmond thought he would bully her all night, he unexpectedly let her go when she begged only once.
Edmond’s expression was very calm, wiping off her collapsed body and massaging her tense, smooth legs.

He seemed to have said something, but the exhausted Ezet soon fell asleep and couldn’t hear properly.

‘That’s why she’s more scared.’

Edmond said it was obvious.
From now on, he’ll fool around her body in front of people.

He was a dangerous man and had the common sense of a devil.
Maybe he’ll pull down her hem and suck her breasts, regardless of whether it’s in front of the Emperor or the Empress.

‘What if Edmond suddenly tries to touch me in the mood?’

It was thrilling to imagine catching her doing something obscene and pointing fingers at her.
It culminated in such imagination in the grand theatre and the carriage.

However, it is the Emperor and Empress of a country.
No matter how strange it is that Ezet gets excited while committing bad things, she is not crazy enough to get excited even though she shows disgrace in front of the Emperor.

But the man standing next to her seemed crazy.

Ezet was so nervous that Edmond read her face.

“What’s wrong with you? Milady.”


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Luckily Edmond didn’t look like he was going to make good on yesterday’s promise right now.
If his face was expressionless, she was still a relief.
There was a slight sourness between the legs, but there was no difficulty walking.

‘But is it really okay to greet the Emperor and Empress as they are?’

She can’t talk to the Emperor since she accepted Edmond’s offer not to talk to other men or make eye contact.
What if he asks her something.

Edmond will answer for her, but what if he wants to hear the answer from herself.
She couldn’t disobey the Emperor’s order, but she was scared because she didn’t know what Edmond would look like if she broke her promise.
He may do sexual things to punish.

If so…

‘I must be really crazy.
Why do I imagine this?’

Ezet shook her head and shook off her obscene thoughts.
She thought she has become crazy because she has been deeply immersed in new experiences these past few days.

With a deep sigh, Ezet looked up.
The center of the Inner Palace is where the emperor lives.
She could see a residence filled with a colorful golden roof.

* * *

She thought the emperor would have a dignified atmosphere that vaguely overwhelmed the crowd, but unexpectedly, the emperor she met in person had a warm body and a strong face.

Even so, of course, the Emperor of the First Nations.
Despite his somewhat frightening appearance, his gestures and voices were dignified.

She didn’t know whether the golden crown on the head looked small because of the small crown or the large head.

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“Welcome, Duke of Jaxen.”

“It’s been a long time since I met you.”

Edmond’s greeting was polite, unlike how he was arrogant outside.
Ezet bowed gently beside him.

“Welcome, Duchess of Jaxen.”

Fortunately, it was the Empress who greeted Ezet.
Edmond did not block conversations with women, so she was able to answer the Empress’s greetings.

“…thank you.
Your Majesty.”

The Empress is older than the Emperor.
A middle-aged woman was not as strict in image as Marchioness Spencer but had a very arrogant impression.

For Ezet, it seemed a little more comfortable with the warm and kind Emperor than the noble Empress.

But what can she do? That Edmond blocked her from talking to a man.

The Emperor and Empress greeted the two in the tea room, not in the reception room.
She saw a large tea table with a white tablecloth and four chairs.

Edmond and Ezet also sat side by side across from them as the Emperor and Empress sat down.


The sun by the window was warm.
The sizeable windowed tea room is ample, but it is decorated with soft cream and white lace curtains to create a cozy atmosphere.

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