The terminal that sent and received the letter became quiet.

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Do you think he’s suspicious? He may have felt at odds because he didn’t seem to have exchanged many letters with Erit.

But it was good.
First of all, she has to meet the Duke to reveal that she is Erit’s sister, explain the situation, and apologize.

Ezet waited with the terminal in her hand.
She wondered how long she waited, but the reply arrived, and the screen sparkled again.
Ezet swallowed her saliva and touched the screen.
Then she lost her words.

[I don’t know why I should know about your important thing.]

Is this what the husband will say to his wife who asks for counseling? Ezet was dumbfounded and felt the back of her neck pulling.

‘What kind of person is this?’

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No matter how beautiful her husband is, she can’t see his face.
Ezet, who had not received beauty corrections and was angry at the words written purely on her terminal, left her seat.

“I’ll go to the outer castle!”

Her older sister, Erit, also said she once visited the Duke.
She said she drank tea for two hours, listening to the answer yes or no.

This time, this side will talk confidently.
It was his fault that his wife ran away and broke the contract, so she was going to properly tell him that he was responsible, too.

After leaving the room, Ezet went down the stairs and reached the first-floor hall.
The servants in the inner castle where the Duchess stayed were always quiet and did not stand out, so no one stopped her.

She opened the gate of the mansion and came out.
There was certainly no one to stop her.
But it was Savannah in front of her.

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Ezet, who witnessed the living hell scene where a crocodile from the garden swamp confronted a rhinoceros and fought with mud and blood, took a back step and closed the gate.

‘I’m not sure I’m going through that jungle to the outer castle……’

No matter how much the defense surrounds the barbed wire and glass walls, Ezet was initially timid and had a small liver.

If you want to survive in that world of living hell and run to the outer castle, you have to be the Amazons.
But Ezet was not a chosen warrior, a warrior of valiant tribes, or a passing village champion, but an ordinary noble lady.
A lion clinging to the glass wall will roar at her, and the seagull will cry and blacken.

‘I, I did my best……’

They say the beginning is half done, but it’s only half done.
Originally, it is difficult for beginners to complete a marathon, and the chances that a writer will complete a novel series is less than half.
It was the fate of ordinary people not to finish what they decided.

Ezet returned to his room and lay back on a comfortable sofa.
She eagerly escaped reality by reading her favorite mystery novel.

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‘I don’t know.
I was going to talk, but the Duke didn’t listen.’

She fell asleep while reading a book rationalizing herself like that.
It was two days after the Duke of Jaxen visited the inner castle where the Duchess stayed.

* * *


Ezet laid down the book and sighed deeply.
No matter how much she likes reading books, it’s no wonder she’s sick and tired of reading for a week.

‘Should I change my mood?’

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Ezet’s easy adaptation to this state-of-the-art, automatically-equipped facility was, of course, thanks to the discovery of Erit’s diary, where there was a friendly explanation of the Mana-powered electronic devices.

As soon as Ezet got here, she searched Erit’s room first and found her diary because she handed over the duchess’s pendant without explaining anything to her.

The first few days were hard to write.
The letters flew away as they went back, and eventually, the diary entries became once a week and finally became a month.
Still, it was enough for the Ezet to grasp the structure of this residence roughly.

Ezet’s older sister, Erit, has made a great deal of entertainment to live alone and living in the inner castle.

Unlike Ezet, who kept at home in a quiet and shy manner, Erit had a lively personality.

Erit became close with strangers, she attracted street bums to form the Bremen Music Club and toured the streets, and Ezet was amazed, but her grandmother grabbed her neck and collapsed.

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