f the little tongue.
Her tongue ran into her mouth as if fleeing from a predator.
The tip of her tongue hurt.

“What are you doing now, Milady?”

Ye, huh, yes?”

“Do you know what you’re doing now?”

“Pu, punishment… Edmond is punishing me for wrong…”

“What kind of punishment are you facing?”

The red eyes curled gracefully, and the movement of his fingers that had been mocking her back hole changed.
Before she knew it, every time he slowly came inside and escaped, she felt as if he was digging her brain.

“Hak, hah, hah, my…”

“Yes, Milady?”

How should she put this? Unable to bring words out of her mouth, Ezet made a tearful face.
Licking her chubby lips with his tongue, he whispered in her ear.

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“I’m scolding your obscene back hole.


Eventually, Ezet burst into tears, clutching Edmond’s robe and shaking.
What does he mean by obscene back holes? She has never put anything in such a place.
A man’s finger in a place she has never thought anything would come in.
Ezet panicked and gasped.

The devil licked her hot cheek and seduced her.

“I’m touching your back hole, but why is it getting wet further down there?”


This time, the other hand came forward and dug between her legs.
Her panties were damp.
Ezet was excited the whole time she licked Edmond’s pen*s, but the fact that her underwear was completely wet even though she had never touched it made it impossible to make accurate judgments against the sensual voice that penetrated her ear.

“Look, Milady.
Every time I press it with my finger, it floods.
Was it so good to be touched in the back hole?”

“Oh, no…!”

“I was going to punish you, but I don’t know what to do with you because you like it so much.”

“Oh, yeah!”

The trembling hands of Ezet came down and grabbed Edmond’s pen*s.
The hand that was mocking below stopped moving.


“Hey, you said you could touch it, and I could touch it…”

The hand holding the hem of the clothes just slipped.
Even though she hugged him, she felt like she would faint, so she needed something to grab, but she just touched a big thing and grabbed it.

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The man’s pen*s, pulsating in her hand, bobbed as if saying hello.

“So, how does it feel to touch it?”

“Huh, yeah…?

“How do you feel about touching me with your hands, licking it with your tongue, putting it in your mouth, and washing it? Is it to your liking?”

“Hiik! He, he…!”

“Oh, my God.
Was it bad? Then again…”

Sneaking aside the wet panties, Edmond’s fingers dug into the back hole.

“I think putting it in this is what you like the most.”

“Oh, yeah! Edmond…”

“I won’t listen to your excuses.”

Saying that…Edmond lifted Ezet’s body slightly.

“Come on, put it in for yourself.
It must be easier to position yourself with your hands.”

“Oh, no…”

“Am I supposed to do this for you? I thought you were a little more sincere.”

Her head fell back as he pulled Ezet’s waist and rubbed her folds with the tip of his length.

“Ah, ah, ah!”

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