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A heavy, sinking voice called her.

“Eh, Ed.

“What are you doing now?”

Edmond’s voice was as calm as ever.
The voice contained neither embarrassment nor anger.
But it was by no means a nonchalant voice.

He only asked one question quietly, and Ezet felt stuffy as if she had been crushed on both shoulders by a predator.

“Hey, Edmond.
I’m just…”

“What were you doing with your face buried between my legs?”

“Oh, no! I, I thought you were sleeping…”

“I didn’t know you had a hobby of sucking the genitals of a sleeping man.”

“Oh, no!”

Ezet shook her head in fright.
Her heart was beating like crazy, and her face was hot.
Her eyes fluttered, and tears gathered.

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She couldn’t believe that she had grown up to be such a demure aristocrat.

But there was no excuse for a mistake—the sight of the place itself, the urge to touch it.

No one forced her to touch the copper and start sucking it with her lips, but she started it on her own.

‘Oh, my God, I…’

Touching and coveting the body of a sleeping person is a disgrace.
Realizing what she had done, Ezet covered her face with shame.

Edmond pulled the corner of his mouth and smiled.
Ezet could not answer and cringed, covering her face, so she didn’t see his smile like a predator slowly approaching to swallow his trapped prey and thus didn’t notice that this was the stage he had deployed.

Edmond raised his upper body.
The luxurious wide bed didn’t even make a moving sound.

“I’ve never agreed to Milady doing this ugly thing.”

It wasn’t wrong because he only induced and didn’t agree.

“I’m sorry, Edmond, before I go to bed, you…”

“How can you mock someone who can’t express his feelings because he’s drunk or asleep?”

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Edmond was not asleep, so the preconditions were wrong.

“This is sexual harassment.”

He blamed her, leaving out what he had usually done.

However, when she heard the word ‘sexual harassment,’ she shook her back as if she had been struck by lightning and faced him with a stiff face.
Thick lips trembled.

“Oh, no.
I’m just, I’m not…”

“Whatever excuse you make, it’s obvious that Milady did something to me that I didn’t agree with.

“Sorry, I’m sorry!”

Ezet quickly apologized with tears on her face.
She had no choice but to apologize.
She ended up not having a relationship last night.
If Edmond fell asleep without having sex, the need would pile up, which was a dirty excuse.

She couldn’t take her eyes off the bulging pen*s, peeped and touched it, and began to suck it with her mouth as if she had been possessed by something.

Was that really what she did for him.

She couldn’t even say that.

It was true that she wanted to do something obscene to her sleeping husband because no one knew what she was doing.
It was a lie to say that curiosity and desire were not aroused.

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“I’m sorry, Edmond, I’m sorry…”

Like a rabbit begging not to be eaten in front of a snake with an open mouth, she was distracted by the sharp venom at hand and could not notice the snake’s tail slowly tightening around her body.

“Milady always errs carelessly and apologizes.
Can you say that you are properly reflecting on yourself?”

She couldn’t say she was reflecting on herself because she was weak in desire.

What she has done so far can be argued that Edmond provided the cause, but today’s work was her fault, apparently from beginning to end.
She was not shameless enough to beg for forgiveness in the absence of excuses.

Unable to guess Edmond’s ulterior motive, Ezet trembled with a tearful face.

“Well, what happens to me now…?

“I think there needs to be strong punishment for the obscene lady who keeps doing wrong without reflection.”

Strong punishment.

A flinching, tense body trembled like a quiver.
Edmond was sitting, and Ezet was on her knees, but his eyes were on a higher level.
It was wrong to step into the tiger cave without fear, saying that the tiger was asleep.

‘Uh, what do I do…’

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As if static electricity were rising, the prickly air stung her skin.
Edmond grabbed her by the wrist, who was so nervous that she couldn’t even move.


As he slowly swept her back, the slender body in his arms creaked like a doll.

Edmond’s hand, which was groping down the vertebrae beyond the slip, went down, down, and touched his butt.
The butt felt over the thin panties was still elastic, so they made a slapping sound when he hit them lightly.

“Ah, ah!”

“Milady, I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of ‘an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.'”

“Huh, yeah…?

“Since you molested me, I will molest you from now on.”

“Y, yes?”

“Didn’t you touch my body and harass me without asking for my consent? What you did, I’ll return it to you.”

When an opponent’s weakness is caught, rush in quickly and bite them with all your might.
Once bitten, do not let go until you are out of breath.
It was Edmond’s specialty.

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