Before going to sleep, Ezet recalled Edmond quitting halfway through trying to hold her.

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First, Marchioness Spencer stopped on the way because she visited with her daughters, and when he let them out and lay back in bed, he lay down beside her without asking for any more.

Edmond hugged her several times a day, every day.
Ezet didn’t think it was just to be faithful to her husband’s duties.

The male protagonist of romance novels was always full of sex drive.
He even said he hated the heroine and even raped her, saying he couldn’t stop.
So Ezet thought men were creatures who couldn’t resist their sexual desire.

Of course, not all romance novels’ male protagonists are beasts, and fiction and reality are different, but Edmond was a man beyond common sense to Ezet, who had only encountered men through fiction.

Such a lustful Edmond doesn’t hold her and just sleeps next to her.
She didn’t know how it could have been, but the desire must have been built up.

‘Edmond, sleeping… Right?’

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Having checked several times and still anxious, Ezet eagerly rechecked Edmond’s sleeping face.
This time, she stood up on her knees and checked that his breathing sound was regular, and returned to her place.

What a strange thing to do.
When she lay in bed with him before she fell asleep, she was thinking about whether she could be loved by him, not his real wife.
When she woke up, the depression she felt before she went to bed disappeared like a lie.

Maybe it’s because Edmond is asleep or because he has no idea what she’s doing.

‘Edmond will be uncomfortable at this rate.
That’s why.’

She deserves to feel guilty about being loved by Edmond while deceiving him, but now he’s asleep, and he can’t love her.
Therefore, it is not stealing the love that the original wife deserves.
That’s how she rationalized to herself.

Swallowing her mouth with a tense face, Ezet wrapped his hands around a pen*s between his legs.
The thick pen*s moved again as if it had the will.

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‘In the novel, you put it in your mouth and lick it or wash it.
How the hell do you put it in?’

It was so big that she didn’t think it would all fit in her mouth.
How the hell do you suck this up? Ezet arranged to one side to prevent hair from flowing down and slowly lowered her head.

Her lips touched the tip.
The erection wrapped around her hand moved.
When she slightly stuck out my tongue and licked it, it tasted a little salty.

As expected, it’s so weird.
How in the world did he put this heinous thing in her and rejoice? It was beyond belief.

Ezet licked the tip gently with her tongue, tilted her head down the pillar.
The bulging tendons sprang up, twigging in the direction that made her tongue grow.


For the first time in her life, it was a clumsy caress, but the fact that Edmond was sleeping encouraged her.
A wife is washing her husband’s pen*s while he’s asleep by lifting the covers and opening his gown.
Instead, it was Ezet’s place to get excited about the immoral situation.

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‘I guess I get carried away when I do something bad…’

She felt a little guilty in her heart.
Perhaps she would never have done it if Edmond was awake, but the fact that she didn’t feel herself as if the darkness had taken her guilt justified her shameless conduct.

She slightly stuck out his tongue and licked the pillar, then raised his head again and wrapped his lips around the ear.
It feels weird because only this part is smooth.
It seemed soft but firm inside.
When this pressed down on the part she felt the most inside her, the front of her eyes turned white, and she lost her mind.

‘If I suck it like this… Will Edmond feel good, too?’

He wouldn’t even know what she’s doing if he’s sleeping.
She wished he could at least have a good dream.

The pen*s’s slightly bitter taste became more potent with her tongue as she carefully sucked it.
She instinctively sensed that it was a male pheromone.

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Her cheeks got hot.
She’s sure her face is red.

Ezet arranged her hair back to one side so that it wouldn’t tickle his thighs, then opened her mouth wide and held his phall*s.

“Haaa, haaa..”

It was certainly thrilling to do obscene things behind her husband’s back, but her jaw hurt to keep her mouth open.

Edmond’s eyes met with Ezet’s eyes, who lifted her head to clean her saliva-soaked lips and catch her breath.

My husband woke up.

The moment she met his red eyes, she thought she was out of breath.
Even though it was a quiet night, there was a strange silence before raising his head.
Only the thumping of Ezet’s heart was breaking the heavy silence.

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