Edmond dragged her into bed, struggling all night and falling asleep like fainting, only to wake up when the sun came out in the middle of the night.

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When she woke up looking disheveled, Edmond would always appear perfectly dressed and tidy and offer a meal.

If she wants to wake up earlier than this guy, she shouldn’t have sex.

Thinking suddenly, Ezet shook her head and observed Edmond’s sleeping face.

Skin that looks paler under the moonlight.
Dark hair and dark eyebrows.
With his eyes closed, she couldn’t see his red eyes, but his eyelashes were very long.
How many matches will she get if she put a matchstick over there? Maybe the quid pen will go up as well.
Bunch dart pins as well.

…with such useless thoughts, she dropped her gaze slightly downward.

Like a man, his collarbone and solid chest between the thick neck and the gown that opened past the prominent neck, seeing it made her heart pound again, and Ezet swallowed her saliva and gently pulled down the blanket that had been covering him.
Even if he wore a gown, she could see that it was a man’s body with perfectly woven muscles.

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Perhaps beyond that thick cloth, there were solid abs and thighs that she hugged, crumpled, and rubbed as she clung crying.

The long legs and big feet that can be seen under the loosely-knotted gown were her husband’s beautiful body.

‘….Oh, my God…..’

Ezet covered her mouth and pulled her waist back, and covered her mouth.
This is because the presence of the bulge rising through the disorganized gown was amazing.

‘No way.
How can…’

Ezet frowned and covered her face as if she hadn’t seen anything, then opened only one eye between her fingers, glanced there again, and closed her eyes tightly again.

‘I’ve heard that men’s genitals, even in their sleep, have erections…’

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That was just too great.
Enough to say that if someone asks how great it was, it would be more than whatever you imagine.

‘Is that what enters my body?’

It was beyond belief.

Since the first time, Edmond has held her several times a day, but she has never been noticed.
He took Ezet to bed all the time, but he didn’t try to insert it every time.
It was because Ezet struggled to accept his engorged pen*s.

Usually, she reached the peak several times from his tongue and fingertips and could not observe properly because it came in only after she completely melted.
However, she didn’t intend to watch.

‘That’s great…’

She even thought it was strange, scary, and hideous, but strangely, she kept looking at it.

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Ezet looked around and confirmed that there was no one around.
Even though she knew that there would be no one because it was a bedroom where Nobles stayed.

Ezet shook her hands over Edmond’s face to see if he had woken up, then moved her knees and gently pushed herself down.

A slight push of the gown with trembling hands revealed a large hardened pen*s under the moonlight.
Ezet almost screamed in embarrassment but managed to keep her mouth shut and avoid waking Edmond up.

Her heart thumped.
How can a man wear clothes over something like that? Don’t you think it’s rough when you wear pants? It was gently bent, towering between tightly muscular thighs.

‘J, just a little… Just a little bit…’

Ezet turned her head back toward Edmond’s face to make sure he was sleeping, and her trembling right hand turned toward his pen*s.

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As soon as the fingertips touched the blunt tip, the goosebumps rose from the spine, and Ezet trembled.
Typically, even though it entered her several times, touching it with her hands was strange.
Nevertheless, it kept getting her attention.

Ezet swallowed dry saliva and gently stroked the thick column with her fingertips.
She was horrified that his pen*s bobbed as if it had a will.

After confirming Edmond’s sleeping appearance with a nervous face, Ezet wrapped around both cheeks and screamed silently.

‘It’s weird! It’s so weird!’

Why are the bodies of men and women so different? After the death of their parents, only their grandmother and Erit were Ezet’s family members.
She was relatively close to a maid who did housework but never put sexual topics in her mouth.

All she knew about men was what she had encountered in the novel.
There were also sexual scenes in mystery novels, and she read quite a few romance novels.

However, what she imagined while reading was different from what she saw.
Even though she had held that hideous thing in her body many times!

‘By the way, wouldn’t it hurt if blood rushes here like this? It’s going to go away only after ejaculation.’

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