“I managed to get rid of the distractors.”

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“…what’s wrong with you?”


Edmond’s eyebrows slightly raised as Ezet protested vociferously.
It came down.

“You’re so weird.”

“What do you mean?”

“Why the… do you like doing this to me?”

“You’ve always complained of bullying, but you knew that you were enjoying it.”

Ezet, who got hit by the nail on the head, blushed.

“No, it wasn’t like that originally…”

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“There’s no such thing as the original.
Humans are animals of change.”

If one asks which side is strange, it is odd that he did not even encounter his wife for three years in the past.

Besides, they’re newlyweds now.
It was not unusual for newlyweds to warm up and covet each other everywhere.

“But it’s weird.”


Edmond shook his head and looked out of the window.
He didn’t look at the scenery.
He just looked away and remembered the past.

“When I was young, I drank Mayu.”

“Mayu? Are you talking about horse milk?”

“There’s no way a child without parents has any decent food.
At night, I would sneak into the farm stable and steal its milk.
And then I got kicked by a horse.”

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“Oh, my God…”

It’s unimaginable that Ezet sneaks into a farm and steals horse milk.
She knew Edmond is from a commoner, but it’s too unfit for what he is now.

It was a word, and she never imagined that this elegant and beautiful man, as if he were royalty from birth, had such a past.

“At the time, I thought it was delicious.
I felt like I was going to live warm when I barely had something to eat while boiling.
But when I became a mercenary and could buy food at a restaurant while making money, I didn’t even look at Mayu.”


“Why would you eat something like that when you have a lot to eat?”

While fighting against the beast with mercenaries, he defeated the dragon that threatened the empire’s northern border.
He became the adopted son of a Duke, inheriting the title and all his property.

It’s a bad thing by difference.
Who knew that a young child who stole horse milk with a dirty look would grow up and be at the peak of his attribution?

“How did you become a mercenary?”

“I saw a mercenary swarming with gold coins from his client as he wandered the streets.
I don’t know what it is, but I thought I could make money if I did that.
First of all, I was so hungry at that time.
I stole the request and ran away to kick them out, saying it wasn’t their job.”

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“So, did you come back from the commission?”

“No, I didn’t know how to read letters at the time.”

Ezet looked up at Edmond with her eyes wide open.

There was a time when this perfect-looking man couldn’t read a word.
If she told someone the story, she would be criticized for spreading false rumors to insult him.

“I had to ask someone to read it, but there was no one to ask.
I thought there would be a smart person in the library, so I ran.
I met a little girl there.”

“A little girl?”

“Yes, I gave the child a request to read, and suddenly he started talking to himself about something he didn’t know.”

He still remembers.
The girl didn’t make the request to read it, but she shined her pumpkin eyes and talked to herself while reciting the contents of her fairy tale book.

If you go beyond the western mountain and go to the Dragon Cave, there is golden spring water, and those who drink it gain wisdom from the whole world, and a legendary sword that no one can draw is embedded on the top of the rugged rocky mountain beyond the border.

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Listening to the child’s words, which may only sound vain, Edmond drank spring water from the dragon’s cave, pulled out a sword stuck in the rock, and cut it down.

“That’s a fairy tale.”

“No, it’s real.
It was thanks to that sword that the dragon on the northern border was eventually killed.”

Like the story in the fairy tale told by the child, the boy who gained the sword of legend became the strongest warrior.

“But the difference between fairy tales and reality is that, unlike the story that continues toward the end, there are many twists and turns in reality, and sometimes there’s a road.”

“But that’s… It has nothing to do with what you do to me.”

“No, it’s there.”

A large hand wrapped around her cheek, and she turned her head toward him.
When their eyes met, Ezet’s heart fluttered.

Black bangs neatly combed.
The deep red eyes are staring at her without looking away at anything else.
She trembled as if she were trapped in his eyes.

Edmond’s red eyes, which were watching her lips clatter without finding anything to say, were bent.

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