Instead of hesitant Ezet, Edmond replied leisurely.

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“When I saw that she bought my birthstone, Ruby, I wanted to give it to her as a gift.
I should have given it to her first, but I had never presented something to a woman, so I didn’t know.”

“Oh, my…”

He has never presented anything to a woman.

Since the “woman” here does not include a wife, this means that the Duke of Jaxen has never been unfaithful and has never had a lover before marriage.

“You have a good relationship.
You’ve been newly married for three years, and we’ve got such a wonderful gift.”

“I think Duke Jaxen is a very romantic man.”

“That’s right.
My husband buying a few gems was already very exciting since he was saying I already bought a lot of jewelry…”

The envious eyes of many ladies poured out on Ezet.
Her cheeks turned red.
A husband who bought diamonds at an impossible price for his wife.
Even though it is very precious and expensive, the husband gave the name to the jewel that is only a mineral and a love that is hard and unchanging like a diamond.

It certainly looks romantic, like in a romance novel.

“In reality, I’m far from a romantic…”

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It’s not enough to tie a rope to your wife’s body and hit her butt, so you’re even a romantic who presses her breath with a leash by wearing a dog collar.

Ezet slowly turned away.

“Did you say it was Ezet?”

“Yes, yes?”

Suddenly named, Ezet flinched her shoulder.

“The Duchess of Jaxen’s sister.
It’s a pity she’s not here.
I wish we could be friends.”

“Oh, oh…”

Externally, Ezet is supposed to have traveled abroad.
Now that she has become Erit’s substitute, she had no choice but to explain the situation of the “real self” who was absent.

‘At first, I was afraid of penalties, so I was going to act as a fake wife, but somehow it’s getting bigger…’

She may have been too complacent about playing her sister’s role.
Ladies of Marquis Spencer, the Duke of Jaxen, can barely walk when the emperor invites them several times, and the noble lady in front of them is a master of the North.

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Maybe she thought it was too easy to take on the role of her sister.
Her husband is the Duke of Jaxen, who barely goes even after the Emperor invites several times, and the ladies of Marquis Spencer say that the noble lady in front of her is a famous family in the north.

In addition, tomorrow’s banquet will probably meet the Emperor, Empress, and Crown Prince.

‘Can I… stay here?’

Ezet’s shoulders, belatedly aware of reality, shrank noticeably.

“Duchess Jaxen?”

“Oh, no, look…”

The stuttering Ezet’s hand was pulled, and Edmond kissed the back of his hand.

“Your fingers.

“Oh, Edmond…”

“I’m sorry, beautiful and noble ladies.
Would you excuse me first? My wife is shy and finds it difficult to talk to strangers for a long time.”

“Oh, I see.
We came out of nowhere and…”

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“That’s all right.
Excuse me for today, next time.”

That’s what Edmond said and picked up Ezet.

“Eh, Edmond!”

“Oh, my God.”

It was not polite to avoid the place without continuing conversation with the ladies who came to the room on purpose.

However, the intention of the husband hugging his wife is clear.
‘Shy away’ was not a valid reason for committing rudeness, but it was a very convenient excuse to convey the meaning of ‘I want to do something that I can’t do in front of people from now on.’

Holding his wife while sending people back who came on purpose first was also an expression of her body being so sweet that he couldn’t wait until they returned.

“Oh, no.
We didn’t notice in front of the newlyweds.”

“That’s right, hohoho.”

“A newlywed couple of three years? They’re the best newlyweds in the Empire.”

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The ladies were not at all offended, even though they were in a hurry to leave.

‘How can we stop a couple who say they’re busy because they have to go for sex from now on?’

They’d like to be young.

It was a look of saying… Ezet’s cheeks were so red that they couldn’t turn red anymore.
He felt like her face was going to steam.

‘This man is so… How shameless.’

Ezet resented Edmond for his unashamed, sly words in front of many people.
As soon as they talk about jewelry bought for each other’s birthday, Everyone knows what to do from now on, as soon as they tell the story of the gems the two bought for each other’s birthdates.

‘Will the ladies imagine me and him making love in their heads?’

No one spoke out, but Ezet’s body heated up with enthusiastic cheers and envy.

As soon as the ladies got up, Edmond winked at the maid and fell behind the partition.
Instead of cleaning up meticulously, the maid quickly removed the tablecloth and took out the tea set.

As if the tea time a while ago was a lie, the closed door was desolate.

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