“Marchioness Spencer.
And in the back…”

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“I’m here to say hello to you, Duchess Jaxen.
We didn’t talk much yesterday because we had to break up in a hurry.”

Then she greeted the wives standing behind her.

“Greet the Duchess of Jaxen.
Mary, Diana, Victoria.”

“Nice to meet you, Duchess Jaxen.”

It seemed to be the daughters Marchioness Spencer talked about.
When the three ladies greeted her, Ezet hurriedly greeted back.

“Oh, hello, I’m Erit Jaxen.
Nice to meet you.”

“We came too quickly without warning.
I’m sorry.”

At the words given by a middle-aged Madam, Ezet opened her eyes round and soon noticed the meaning.
It was rude to keep them by the door when the ladies came.

“No, I’m not in the business of… Come on in.
I’ll serve you tea.”

Ezet smiled and stepped aside slightly, and the young maid opened the door.

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“Oh my… this is the outer northern bedroom.”

“That’s cool.
Look at the mural on the high ceiling.”

The sight of the large bedroom made each lady say a word and look inside.
When invited to a room, it was customary to look around the room and praise the objects and structure of the room one by one without sitting on a chair.

It was not the Jaxen Duchy but the outer northern castle.
It was not Ezet’s bedroom, so it was unnecessary to follow the custom of praising the room.
Still, Marchioness Spencer was a noblewoman who valued tradition, and her daughters were strictly educated.

“Thank you, have a seat.”

The maid had finished setting the table and was back in the corner to avoid interference.
When the ladies sat down, Ezet sat down and sneaked a look behind her.

The bedroom where Ezet is staying has a partition between the bed and the table where they can drink tea, so she could not see the bed at all when she sits at the table.

‘Edmond went back to his room, right?’

If he goes back to his room through the bathroom door, he won’t be seen.
As soon as she arrived at Imperial Palace, Ezet’s cheeks turned a little red, reminding her that she was trying to have a new experience with her husband in bed rather than greeting other nobles.

There’s still a long way to go before the sun goes down.
She would have been in trouble if she had been dragged into Edmond’s pace.
It was fortunate that the maid came to call her when he slightly touched her body without taking off her clothes.

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If they had overlapped their bodies and started to covet each other, they could not stop on the way and could not hide their traces of love affair afterward.

“The ladies of Marquis Spencer are here.”

“Oh, my God, Duke of Jaxen.”

When she saw Edmond walking out from behind the partition, Ezet’s eyes were as bright as a flame.

“Eh, Edmond.”

“I heard a lot from Milady.
You are a close friend of her grandmother.”

“Haah, as I get older, I miss my old friend, maybe I’m lonely.
I met my friend’s granddaughter, so I wanted to say hello to her.”

Marchioness Spencer softened her eyes, covering her mouth with a fan.
The other three ladies also smiled softly around their mouths.
Edmond also smiled, gently lowering his gaze.
The maid naturally brought out a new cup of tea and poured the tea to prevent any sound.

Ezet sat nervous, unable to find a place to look.

“Milady, you didn’t the drink tea.
Does it not suit your taste?”

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Edmond asked, pointing to Ezet’s teacup, which showed no signs of having touched at all.

“What? No, there!”

“The tea seems to have cooled down a little.
Mine is still hot, so drink this.”

Saying so, Edmond naturally swapped Ezet’s teacups for his own.

“You seem to have a good relationship.”

“Because we’re newly married.”

After taking a sip of black tea, Edmond smiled at the old lady, grabbed Ezet’s hand, and put it on the chair’s armrest.

The table with the tea set was a little low, so Spencer’s ladies could see the two holding hands with chairs side by side enough to reach the armrests.

“Oh, my God.
It was three years ago that the Duke of Jaxen got married.”

“We’re still newly married.”

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Edmond did not go so far as to say that the term newlywed would be more appropriate than a three-year newlywed.

This is because the young eyes of the three ladies poured on the two.

“Oh, my God.
Newlywed for three years.”

“The Duke must really love his wife.”

“That’s why he gave you such a diamond for your birthday.”

The youngest-looking lady pointed with her eyes to a diamond around Ezet’s neck.

“I heard from my mother.
You bought it for a whopping 4.9 billion pounds.”

“Oh, this is…”

“The glow is so beautiful.
I’ve never seen such a transparent and brilliant color.”

As the praise of the ladies continued, Ezet became embarrassed.
Edmond told other ladies to show off their necklaces when they go to Imperial Palace, but Ezet, who had little experience in public, was embarrassed because she was just embarrassed to be the talk of the town.

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