A week went by quickly at the Duchy.
The first time she read a newspaper, Ezet, who was surprised like a primitive man who discovered fire, is now somewhat used to using these tools.

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Basically, the system of residence for the Duchess to stay is through her terminal. 

1 for meals, No.
2 for bathing, No.
3 for dressing and leaving, No.
4 for using the library, and the gym (which is said to be equipped with the latest sports facilities operated by Mana!) was No.
5, No.
6 for music, art, and various performances, No.
7 for medical treatment (they said one could not be prescribed medicine unless a doctor first treated them), No.
8 for other items, and No.
9 for emergency calls.

And number 0 was the ability to send and receive letters directly with the Duke of Jaxen. 

‘You really don’t have to run into people.’ 

Unexpectedly, Ezet was not uncomfortable living in the Duchy.
To be honest, for Ezet, it was a comfortable environment, who hated meeting people and quietly read books or listened to music alone. 

There was no choice but to choose the menu and unlimited snack service.
It is not just the variety of desserts, but if you choose the ingredients and enter the recipe, they make it. 

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Coffee could not only be simply served with menus such as Americano and cappuccino but could also be blended directly into the detailed settings.
Cleaning and washing were all automatic. 

When the cleaning button was pressed, dry cleaning detergent was sprayed from the sprayer on the wall, and a round, flat form of automatic cleaning device (written “Cleaning Robot” on the lid) came out from the ceiling vent, cleaned, and disappeared. 

The laundry was automatically transported to the laundry room after taking off the clothes and putting them in the laundry bin attached to the wall, washed and dried, and returned. 

The dressing room was attached to the left side of the living room, where you can open the door yourself and choose clothes, and you can hand over the catalog from the search tool attached to the wall so that you can try it on as soon as you decide the outfit you want. 

High Technology! 

That was the reality of this Duke Castle. 

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The windows in the front had good lighting, so she could take a sunbath and open the windows to relax the outside wind.
The vine wound up on the railing of the balcony even had a red rose. 

Except for not being able to meet people and have intimate conversations, it was definitely paradise. 

Even that day, Ezet was reading a new book by her favorite mystery writer, drinking a coffee blend in the golden ratio of Colombia 4, Brazil 3, Ethiopia 2, and Guatemala 1. 

—Beep! Your letter has arrived. 

“Oh, it’s finally here!” 

Ezet ran fast and picked up the terminal.
Twinkle, a letter-shaped picture was shining on the glass plate—the number 0 menu on your device.
Send and receive letters with your husband. 

Sadly, there was a limit on the number of characters in the letter on the terminal, so Ezet could not explain the situation by letter. 

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She couldn’t write about his wife without looking at his face and telling him the essential story, because of which she wanted to come here and apologize. 

She wrote to the Duke of Jaxen that she wanted to meet him because she wanted to talk to him closely.
And she got a reply today. 

Ezet pressed her pounding chest and opened the mailbox on her device. 

[Is there any inconvenience? I have ordered my servants to serve you without shortage, so if you need anything, give them any instructions.] 

Perhaps the Duke of Jaxen understood that she wanted to meet as “she needs something, but she can’t order it with her terminal.” 

Ezet sent a reply again.
Now that she’s familiar with using the device, she can enter messages quite quickly. 

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[Nothing is lacking.
I want to meet the Duke and talk.] 

[If it’s hard to tell a male servant, give instructions to a female servant.
If you don’t want your servants to see it, you can put the instructions in an envelope, stamp the seal, and write the address on the outside.] 

[No, I want to see the Duke in person.] 

[I don’t know what you want to see me for.] 

[It’s important.] 

There was no reply to the last letter from Ezet.

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