“Edmond, let’s go see the Emperor!”

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“I’m busy today.
Let’s go tomorrow if we have time.”

“Oh, my God.”

Even if they don’t like it since they came to Imperial Palace, the Emperor and empress should be greeted, and the banquet must be attended.

Edmond was angry when he recalled that he had insufficient time to look at his beloved wife’s face and that he could not hold her when he wanted to because of his schedule.

Edmond’s cold, meticulous and subtle approach was to meet what he wanted in the way he wanted, and it was enough to stress himself that he came to Palace, where everything couldn’t go his way.

That’s why he needed Ezet.

“Uh, we did it yesterday.”

“We did it yesterday, so we should do it today.
If you break your regular rhythm, my body will be broken.”

Edmond whispered, sucking in Ezet’s earlobes with tiny diamond earrings and rolling them with his tongue.

“Edmond, you’re going to crumple your clothes…”

“I brought some restoration harnesses.
Even if the dress is torn, it can be returned to its original state.”

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“Wait, wait! Are you going to rip it?”

“Can’t I?”

“Of course!”

Edmond’s lips twisted as Ezet looked severe.
When he had that look on his face, he must have been thinking something terrible, so Ezet was nervous.

“Edmond, don’t tell me… Ah!”

Edmond’s hand gripped his chest over his clothes, and Ezet groaned.

“You want me to ignore your intentions anyway and do things that are forced, aggressive and obscene.”

“Oh, it’s not!”

“You like to be forced to undress, to touch your body roughly, to feel ashamed of being caught by someone.
Like this.”

“No… hah!”

Edmond flicked his finger and revealed an invisible choker around Ezet’s neck.
Ezet groaned and raised her upper body a little as he held the chain wrapped in his right hand one more time and pulled it.

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“Oh, yeah! Don’t pull…”

“Milady, among the things that maximize pleasure by causing pain to the body, there’s a way to strangling.”

“N, neck?”

“The effect is certain, but the method is dangerous.
I’ll let you know because Milady can’t get hurt while I’m away.”

“I don’t need it!”

Edmond’s face twisted as he twined and yanked at the chain one more time.
He loved to watch her give in to irresistible forces with a wretched look on her face like a captive bird.

Of course, there was a reason why Ezet, who resisted lightly, was delighted at some point by his persistent scolding.

“Now, Milady.
If you struggle recklessly and get strangled, you can get seriously hurt.”

“Ugh! Uh-huh…”

Ezet felt a little strangled, but when Edmond calmly coaxed her, she relaxed her body.

‘How do you feel when you’re choking and feeling pleasure… How does it feel?’

Ezet, who likes to read books, wanted to acquire new knowledge.
So it’s just a process to gain the information she doesn’t know by no means in anticipation of Edmond’s quaint play to try.

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There was an indescribable expectation in Ezet’s amber eyes, which remained calm with his elbows slightly raised.
Edmond, who read it, let her head recline and slowly ran down her chin to her neck with a red bow.

“Yes, Edmond…”

It was time for Ezet to groan and gently spread her legs, and accept him.

Knock, knock.


She could hear a maid calling her out the door.

“Edmond, the maid is here.”

“Ignore, we’re busy right now.”

“No, but, uh-huh…”

As he grabbed her ankle and lifted it, still wearing heels, the dress’s skirt flowed down and revealed her legs in white stockings.
Edmond continued a slow kiss from her ankle bone to her shin, below the knee, to her thigh.

“Ah, ah, ah! Edmond…”

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Upon arrival, the maid knocked on the door again, unable to imagine the situation in which the two couples were engaged in making love in bed.

Knock, knock, knock.

This time the sound was a little louder.

“Dear Duchess, are you there? Marchioness Spencer is here.”


At the words, Ezet sprang to her feet.
Edmond had raised one leg and soon fell to the side.

“Edmond, it’s Marchioness Spencer! When I bought your rubies at the auction yesterday…”

“Can’t you see her tomorrow at the banquet? Focus on me for now.”

“No! She’s my grandmother’s friend!”

Ezet slaps Edmond’s back, who is trying to bury his face inside her thigh and bite off her stockings, and managed to get out of his hands.
Edmond was very persistent, but when Ezet really refused, he let go without force.

Rushing down her skirt and tidying up her clothes, Ezet quickly approached the door and opened the door.

Behind the maid in a black dress and a white apron stood an old lady in a black dress whom she saw yesterday.
And behind the old lady were two more middle-aged ladies and two other ladies who appeared to be in their mid to late 30s.

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