“You didn’t have a bad fit.”

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“It was until I put on the chain.”

“Should I have done it with a ribbon, not a chain?”

“That’s not the problem!”

If you wear this dog collar or choker, the diamond necklace, which is protected, will be kept a certain distance away from Ezet.
It won’t happen, but even if the strap of the necklace breaks and falls into the water, it won’t fall below the level that a sieve can recover.

“Don’t worry; the protective system is perfect.
Show it off to the other ladies.”


She’s not confident of winning because her words don’t work on him.
Edmund is nasty, who turns her topic away like her squirrel, no matter what she says, but she be can’t upset her at her husband, who gave her this precious necklace for her.
Eventually, Ezet had no choice but to make a groaning sound and wash her face dry.

“Come on, Milady, stop and open your eyes.
We’ve reached Imperial Palace.”

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“What? Already?”

She was just standing in the warp hall, and while she was groaning, Edmond manipulated the buttons and warped them.
It was amazing to experience that she flew that long-distance and her body didn’t feel floating, and she didn’t get motion sickness.

“This is Imperial Palace…”

“We still have two more gates to go to where the Emperor is.
We’ll use the northern outer wall while we’re here.”

The emperor’s family used to stay in the inner city, and the guests who visited Imperial Palace remained in the outer castle.
High-class nobles are east; low-class nobles are west.
Only the royal family could stay in the south and north.

The current emperor removed all the relatives who interfered with his ascension to the throne, so there were few royal families to stay in the northern fortress of the city.
Edmond and Ezet were the only ones who stayed in the northern outer castle at the ceremony.

Black bricks surround the walls like this… ..like the castle of the devil.”

“To His Majesty, the royal family members are like demons, so it’s not a false metaphor.”

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“What profanity are you speaking?”

“That’s when you’re rude to someone you need to pay tribute to.”

The current empire could rule because the Duke of Jaxen came under the Emperor’s command.
As the emperor family and the Duke of Jaxen joined forces to build an empire, they could not have two emperors.
Hence, one side inherited the empire, and the other side inherited the title of duke, but there was no difference in power.

Of course, Edmond was only the adopted son of the previous Duke of Jaxen, so there was no blood in the Duke’s family.
Still, even more so, the Emperor hoped that he would maintain a good relationship with Edmond and maintain his position as a long-time protective Jaxen.

The imperial family was hit when the relationship broke down, so Edmond’s side had the upper hand in the relationship.
A control freak, he never felt guilty about even the Emperor doing as he pleases.


“What did you say?”

“I didn’t say anything.”

Ezet followed Edmond into the northern outer castle.
They are the only ones staying here for the week of the banquet, but dozens of servants are on the watch.

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Because Ezet was not used to living with several maids, and Edmond did not want to be disturbed by his time with her, he asked servants to stay out of sight and ordered them not to come first unless there was an important agenda.

“You’re too opinionated.
If we don’t let them serve, they’ll be scolded later by their superiors for not doing their job properly…”

“Then is it okay for you to have your time interrupted by others?”

“That’s not what I meant…”

“It’s nice to have a big bedroom.”

The Duchess’ bedroom was large, but the outer bedroom in the north was also large enough to be a place for the Royal Family.
Luxurious rugs and furniture, if not noticeably splendid, were placed on the high ceiling, with beautiful murals recording the history of the empire.

Clearing the tapestry on the wall reveals a wall with animal shapes, with a black lion on Edmond’s bedroom wall and a white horse on Izzet’s bedroom wall.

“Is it a unicorn, not a horse…? Is has a horn?”

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“Yes, he likes virgin.
Fortunately, you’re not a virgin, and he’s not going to take you over.”

“Oh, my God! That’s all you have to say!”

Edmond grinned and hugged her even tighter as she pushed him out on his chest.

Edmond’s and Ezet’s bedrooms were separated, but they had a bathroom in between, allowing them to move to the next door.

“First of all, we can do it once in your room, once in the bathroom, once in my room at night, and sleep together.”

“Are you crazy? This is the palace!”

“What does location matter when a husband is with his wife?”

“Of course it matters…”

Edmond’s lips shut her mouth, so words could not continue.
Edmond, who approached the bed, peremptorily sucking her lips and pushing her body back little by little, removed the light purple canopy and tucked Ezet into bed.

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