Chapter 56 – Sleepy Translations

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Behind her, she heard a clack, unbuckle.
Is Edmond taking off his pants? As it turned out, Edmond did not relieve his desire, even though he was distraught enough in the carriage.

Recognizing the touch of a hard pen*s rubbing against her butt, Ezet raised her head with a high nasal sound.
The stimulation of the magical tool in the vag*na was so severe that the jaw trembled.
It was clear that if Edmond’s pen*s was inserted here, she would not be able to withstand it.

She appealed desperately.

“No, no, no! Don’t put it in!”

“You can put in the harness, but you can’t put mine in? Milady is very cold-hearted.”

“It’s, uh, it’s not…”

“Well, I can’t help it.
Then let’s get some help from this side instead.”

The pen*s, soaked with blood flowing down from the vag*na, penetrated between the trembling thighs.


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Ezet grabbed the sheet, arms tucked inward.
Her thighs did not move well due to the vibrations and tension.

Edmond gathered her chubby thighs in both hands and slowly moved his hips back and forth.
Every time a thick, hard pen*s squeezed through the gap in thighs, the liquid from the entrance fell on the sheet.

“Ah, ah, ah! Edmond!”

“Sigh… that’s a good, too.
It’s soft, and it’s warm…”

It’s not as hot and chewy as her inner flesh, but it was also a fresh stimulus to rub her leg muscles as if they were compressing each side with two sticks whenever he passed between her chubby thighs.

Every time he brushed his back lightly, blood gushed from the vibrations of the magical tool inside her.

Edmund leaned his upper body and touched Ezet’s after skimming the entrance with his fingertips soaked in the clear love liquid.
His weight was added to her back, lying on the bed.

“Oh, oh, Ed…”

“Be careful, Milady.
It’s a big deal if you bite your tongue.”

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“Uh, uh, uh…!”

The man’s finger slid into her red lips.
It was to keep her tongue from biting, but as soon as his finger came in, Ezet’s mouth closed tightly, and a small tooth bit his finger.

With a slight sharp yet ticklish pain, Edmond kissed her sweating temples and moved her back.

Because of the close contact with the body, the angle of the pen*s moving between her thighs changed, and it rubbed hard on her private area, trembling.

“Uh uh hah!”

“Sigh, the vibration… That’s really strong.
It’s all the way out there, like…”

“Huh! Hung! Yeah, hmm ahh…!

Embracing her struggling slender body, Edmond made his waist move fast.
With trembling vibrations and the pleasure of rubbing the area from the inside of the thigh to the clitor*s drowned Ezet’s mind.
Transparent tears overflowed in pumpkin eyes that lost focus.

“Whoa, the necklace… It’s a drag.”

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Worried that hard diamonds and accessories might hurt her skin, Edmond removed her necklace and pushed it under the bed.

The evening sun slowly began to turn red over the diamond necklace that fell on the soft carpet.

“Huh, ah, ah, ah!”

When the necklace was removed entirely from her body, the magical tool that sensed the theft vibrated at an incredible speed and rubbed her vag*na up and down.
A foreign object so long and hard that it could not be thought smaller than a finger scoured her hot inner wall, which was flinching.

“Oh, my God! Ed…!”

“Milady…! Don’t tighten it too much…!”

At first, the pleasure that felt dizzying grew like a river and hit her whole body.
Would this be the same sense of drowning in a deep swamp? There was no sound coming from the screaming mouth.

At the same time that Ezet, who peaked with convulsions all over her body, lost her mind, Edmond let out on her stomach and gave a low groan.

* * *

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The next day, Ezet, who entered the dome with a warp hole ready to leave for Imperial Palace, chipped her lips with a sulky face.

“That’s so… mean.”

“Thanks to that, did you have a good night’s sleep? If you use the warp hole, you’ll have plenty of time for Imperial Palace.
So you have time to spare.”

“No, it’s too much!”

Ezet protested, pointing to a black choker around her neck.
The black collar, made of thin belts, also had a thin black chain.
And the end of the chain was wrapped around Edmond’s right index finger.

“I’ve given you a diamond necklace worth 4.9 billion pounds, and you’re in trouble if you lose it.
You don’t like magical alarm tools, so you have to wear magical protective tools.”

“What the… Am I your pet?”

The black choker with a long chain seemed only to be a sophisticated dog necklace.
Ezet’s pride was hurt as if he had become a leash.

“Don’t worry.
Didn’t I tell you that there’s a function that makes it invisible to people?”

Edmond flicked his fingers, and the black choker and chain disappeared into thin air.
Flicked his finger again, and a chain appears.
Invisible magic, the magical protective tool, made it possible for a person wearing a choker to show up and hide when he wanted to.

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