Empire’s Best Newlyweds

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She thought it would take longer to bring the magic tool, but Edmond, who returned while Ezet was hesitating, slowly blinked at her.

“Milady, you haven’t taken off your underwear yet.”

“But, I’m taking it off!”

“I’ll take it off for you.”

Edmond, who approached with a grin, sat on one knee in front of Ezet.

“Edmond, let me…”

“You’d better leave the stockings and garter belts intact.
I need a place to fix it.”

“You’re going to… fix it?”

Edmond, who loosened the strap on her pelvis and stripped off his panties, slowly stroked the pubic area, which was still red from the event of the day.

“Yes, Edmond! Hey, don’t touch it.
I’m only going to wear the magical tool.”

“I think it’s a little swollen… Do you want me to cool it down?”

“No, it’s okay.”

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It wasn’t that she didn’t wonder how he will cool it down, but if she let her guard down a little bit, she had to block the source to prevent Edmond’s subtlety.
Ezet clasped his thighs and covered his chest with both hands.

“Tell me quickly how to wear the harness that sets off the alarm.
I’ll just wear it and get dressed again.”

“Then spread your legs a little.”

“What about my legs?”

“A little bit will do.”

Don’t say he’s going to rub or lick the legs again.
Ezet kept her tension low and made enough gaps in her legs to fit just one finger to keep Edmond from digging in.

“This is where you insert the magic tool.”

“…insert what?”

“It’s okay; it’s small.”

What Edmond was holding was a pale pink round harness, slightly larger than quail eggs.
The thin wire, which acts as a mana pass, was connected and had a handle attached to the control button.

I’ll put it in.”


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The slightly cold magical tool touched the genital area, but her red-hot entrance was small.

The entrance swallowed a round walnut.
Edmond made sure the magical tool was fully inserted, wrapped the wire around it so it wouldn’t get tangled, and fastened the handle to her garter belt.

“Hey, Edmond.
Are you sure this is a magical tool?

“Of course, there is no way I can lie to you.”

Is that really the case?

“Oh, I heard it’s a harness that prevents theft by ringing an alarm.
How can this be…?

“Then let’s test it.”

Edmond took Ezet’s diamond necklace, shone a recognizer on the end of the handle to recognize the diamond, and hung it around her neck.

“I’ve registered the necklace on the recognizer, and now the alarm will go off when someone touches it.”

“So how the hell is the alarm…”

“Like this.”

The magical tool began to ring when Edmond pushed her hand between her breasts, and the magic tool inserted into the vag*na began to ring.

“Oh, it’s Mom!”

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He called it an alarm, but it was a vibration, not a sound.

“Oh, no! Ed, what…!”

“When someone else’s body temperature touches the necklace, it reacts.
And even if it’s out of the way…”

Edmond picked up the pen on the table and lifted the pen’s tip slightly over the necklace.

“Oh, Ah!”

As the necklace was hung at the end of the pen and pulled, the magical tool was busy vibrating to inform the owner of the theft.
In a sensitive, flesh-stimulating vibration, Ezet bit her lip and trembled.

“What the hell is this? Is it an anti-theft harness…!”

“If you’re sobbing and moaning like you are now, I can notice and fly from a thousand miles away.”

He’s not a dragon moving to a place.
{TN- I think the author is referring to the fact that he can’t move at the speed of the dragon.}

“Oh, no… Edmond, no, stop this…”

“The necklace is not attached, but it’s a kind of thing that goes around your neck, so when you walk or lean down, it leaves your body a little.
It seems necessary to adjust the perception range.”

Edmond gently pushed Ezet’s body into bed.
The weight caused the diamond necklace to droop down, clearly escaping above her chest, and the magical device, sensing the crisis signal, suddenly began to ring frantically.

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“The alarm is clear.”

“Hey, what the hell! Alarm…! Heh, heh!

Her hips trembled, and she couldn’t keep her balance.
Ezet buried her face in the bedsheet and screamed.
Even when lying on her stomach, the vibrations struck her from the secret area to her chest, and she couldn’t breathe.

She tried to ask Edmond for help, but she thought she’d bite her tongue inadvertently if she opened her mouth, so she had no choice but to groan with her nose with a clenched tooth.

“Huh! Yes, yeah! Hoo!”

“No matter how waterproof it is, is this a bit severe?”


Flames sprang before Edmond’s eyes as he rubbed his fingertips against the entrance that is spilling.
The hand that grabbed the sheet had become so white that it had no blood due to too much strength.

“Huh! Ah! Eh, Ed, take this off…!”

“No, there’s a risk of getting hurt if you try to pull it out too hard before the vibration stops.”

Edmond, looking down at Izzette, who gasped and shook her waist, slaps her butt and rubs it.

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