When Edmond returned to the mansion through the warp hole with his legs shaking and unable to walk, Ruby Brooch and Diamond Necklace, which had already been completely processed, arrived first and were waiting for the two.

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Aldebaran Merchants Association delivered directly to the Inner Castle of the Duke of Jaxen through the warp gate.
Of course, warp holes where people come and go cost a lot of money to operate and were not sent indoors, so only the goods were sent in an engraved box for convenience.

“Try the necklace, Milady.”

“Oh, yes.”

As soon as she opened the lid of the jewelry box, a light seemed to pour out.
Edmond, who sat Ezet in front of the dressing table, personally put a diamond necklace over her purple dress.


“‘The diamond’s radiance is so beautiful that it’s made in a way that it’s as radiant as possible without increasing the decorations.’ Is what they said”

“It’s amazing that you can do such delicate pieces with magic.”

“Magic is better than human hands.
There are no impurities in it.”

Platinum decorations wrapped in large transparent, brilliant diamonds like vines were delicate and soft, making it a good match for Ezet.

It did not burden the neck or shoulder even though it was hanging a large diamond necklace by spreading the weight around a wide metal band with beads embedded instead of a chain.

“Milady, do you like it?”

“Yes, very much.”

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“That’s a relief.”

Edmond also had a gold-decorated ruby brooch on his collar.

She was a little worried that he might look too womanly in the catalog, but she was needlessly concerned about beautiful Edmond.
The latter perfectly digested any color or design of jewelry.

“Edmond, you look great, too.”

“Of course, it’s a gift from Milady.”

Smiling at each other, Ezet looked in the mirror again.

The diamond necklace, which gives off a dazzling glow, is undoubtedly beautiful, but even to Ezet, who had not seen many jewels, it looked so expensive that she could drool.

‘What if I lose it in the palace?’

It is a diamond necklace worth 4.9 billion Lund.
Of course, diamonds themselves won’t cost as much as Edmond gave them for Ezet’s birthday.
If you sell it for stolen goods, it won’t exceed the auction price of 100 million pounds.

But even 100 million Lund was a considerable sum to put on a diamond.
There’s no way there’s someone out there’s no way.

“Well, Edmond, I’ve been thinking, it’s better to wear a different necklace to Imperial Palace.”


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“I’m afraid I’m going to lose it.
There are other diamonds in the jewelry box…”

Saying so, Edmond’s hand grabbed her wrist as she tried to take off her necklace.


“Wear it, Milady.
‘Cause, you won’t lose it.’

“But what if someone steals this expensive jewel from me?”

“Who dares…”

Edmond, who tried to tell her not to worry which frightened man would dare steal her necklace, shut up.
His eyes slightly went up to the top left and came back into place.

“Yeah, it’s a big deal to lose Milady’s special necklace.”

“Yes, so keep this in the mansion…”

“You’d better wear anti-theft harnesses so you don’t lose your jewelry.”

It came out, Magic tool!

Also, is it different from the red rope that was used to protect and track the location?

What else would Edmond be ashamed of himself? Ezet was scared.
But on the other hand, she was excited about how he would scare her.

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Everything Edmond was trying to do was compulsory and violent, scary and shameful when she faced, but the creepy fear she felt when forcing herself was accompanied by excitement.

People who read horror novels enjoy the scary and creepy feeling, but there is an addiction to fear.

“What else are you going to do to me…?”

“Well, what do you want me to do?”

“Oh, don’t do anything…”

“Madam, lying is a bad habit.”

Edmond lifted Ezet’s chin and opened his mouth with eye contact.

“I’ll give you a choice.”


“There are two types of anti-theft magic tools: protection and alarms.
Which one do you want?”

Edmond explained that one is the type of protection system that automatically falls when someone tries to steal it, and the other is the type of alarm that goes off when someone tries to steal it.


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It is a diamond necklace of 4.9 billion Lund.
If protective action is taken, there will be someone who will harm her or kidnap her.
If you face thieves in a deserted place, it may be dangerous.

Then it would be appropriate if the alarm went off because it would attract people’s attention.

“Then… I’ll try to set off the alarm.”

“Okay, then take off your clothes so that it’s easy to wear.”

“What? Do I have to take it off again?”

Since it’s an alarm, she thought it was the kind of thing that rings when she touches it while wearing earrings or rings.
Is it the kind of person who makes sounds all over his body like the self-defense harness that he wrapped around his body before?

“You’ll get motion sickness if you make too much noise in your ear.”

Ezet was a little worried.
But she was a little excited and undressed because she wondered what kind of harness Edmond would bring, and the process of undressing and wearing it was certainly thrilling.

Don’t tell me you’re trying to do something sexual again.

The exhilarating pleasure she felt whenever he put her in trouble was so addictive that she was not confident of rejecting it properly.

But she couldn’t see the city of Aldebaran at all because she was so severely hit in the wagon.
If she works harder here, they may not be able to leave for Imperial Palace tomorrow.
Ezet was at a loss on how to deal with Edmond if he urged her to commit lewd acts.

(Continued in Volume 2 of the Undercover Infiltration Duchess)

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