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Ezet’s was embarrassed as he grabbed her ankle and laid her in the seat.
The skirt of the dress flowed down, revealing the legs in white stockings.

“Edmond! You said you wouldn’t touch…”

“Yes, I won’t touch it.
You just have to keep your legs apart like this.”

A woman who lies on a chair and lifts her legs toward the ceiling of the carriage.
And the man who sits between her legs.

What will the two look like from outside the window?

Anyone can see that they are engaged in obscene acts in the carriage.

“Edmond, when people see…”

“We’re not actually doing anything.
I’m proud, so it doesn’t matter.”

He rubbed his cheek against her calves with a wry smile.
Ezet’s face flared up at the sight of him, revealing his blatant sexual desire.

Obviously, Edmond is not doing anything to her.
Ezet is dressed, stocked, and Edmond’s hands are merely touching the seat of the chair.

‘No, people outside would misunderstand that we’re doing sexual things…!’

Every time the wagon rattled, Ezet’s white legs reeled, looking like a woman’s struggle at her peak.

The carriage is a tourist carriage that guides the city of Aldebaran.
There were voices of people passing by and the sound of wheels of other wagons passing by.

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‘Oh, my God.
On this main road…!’

The carriage’s windows are small, so they won’t see Ezet’s face, but they’ll surely misunderstand that the two of them are committing obscene acts that they shouldn’t be doing.

Edmond didn’t even touch her, but she felt that the part he had never touched had been steadily wet, and Ezet felt dizzy.

Lying down, she could see nothing but the top of the spire and the sky beyond the window, and as she closed her eyes, passers-by seemed to stop walking and point fingers at her.

Everyone will accuse her of being a lewd woman.

‘Oh, no……!’

She was frustrated with shame yet covering her face with both hands.
Every time the wagon rattles.

Her breath got hot and wet.

“Huh, uh, Edmond… It keeps getting weird.”

“What’s wrong with you?”

“Out, between legs, between…”

“Between the legs.
Is this place?”


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Ezet sobbed as Edmond pushed one knee through her legs.
The underwear soaked in the slippery fluid was clingy and stuck up and down.

“It’s wet, very wet.”

“Huh! I don’t know… because of you…”

“I didn’t do anything.”

“You’re in between my legs!”

Edmond burst into a grin when Ezet protested.

“What husband wouldn’t come in when his wife has a lewd between her legs?”

“And you always such dirty things…”

“I’m don’t just talk.”

As Edmond rubbed the place between her thighs with his knees, Ezet trembled with a shrieking cry.
Her white legs twitch and kick the handle on the door.

“Milady, be careful.
Then the carriage door might open.”

“Huh, oh, no!”

“You said no with your mouth, but your body was too excited to speak.
My knees are all wet.”

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“Hey, that’s ridiculous…”

Ezet was wearing a drawer over her panties today, so there was no liquid on the outside.
Still, Edmond, who was accustomed to turning an innocent woman into a sinner, knitted his brow as if he was in trouble because his suit pants were wet.

Fooled by the look, Ezet bit her finger with an embarrassing face.

“What do I do…… I’m sorry, Edmond…”

“If you did something wrong, you should be punished.”

“Ah, ah, ah!”

As Edmond rubbed his knees a little violently, Ezet groaned and shook her body.
It’s not as delicate as a finger, but it was surprisingly good to rub a large area of stiff knees at once.

“Eh, Ed! Edmond!”

“What do you think? Did you do something wrong?”

“Wrong, hm! I’m sorry!”

“Are you reflecting on yourself?”

“Huh! Yes, I’m reflecting on myself…”

“It doesn’t look like that at all.
You’ll regret it if I scold you more.”

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Although he likes to gently caress moist holes with his tongue and rub hot skin delicately with his fingers, he also loved rubbing the outside violently.

Especially in situations where people seem to be punished for their mistakes, they are more than twice as excited when caressed.

The joy one feels when one does something they shouldn’t—pleasure stemming from guilt.

Edmond touched Ezet’s guilt to control her, but unexpectedly, the vicious style seemed to have pulled out a hidden wall.

“Oh, no, I’m sorry, I’m sorry! Edmond, forgive me…!”

“If you did something wrong, you’d be in trouble.
It’s shameless of you to ask for forgiveness.”

“Huh, oops! Sigh…!”

Ezet claimed Edmond was bullying her, but the reality was the opposite.
In fact, unlike her, who floats in pleasure, his body is swollen enough to hurt, but he does not reveal its heat.

“That’s too bad.
Milady, you’ll have to continue to be punished until you get back.”

“Huh, Ang! Ed, Ha-huh!”

Resisting the urge to take off his pants and cram himself into the lewd woman at any moment, Edmond knitted the drenched woman’s vag*na.

Now she gasped, shakes her back a few more times, and then orgasms, cramping her legs.

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