A neat face is getting closer.
The breath coming from the lips tickles each other’s lips within a distance of each other’s nose, and because Edmond’s hand is wrapped around her cheek, she can’t turn her head, so Ezet only avoided the gaze with an embarrassing look on her face.

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“I wanted to reciprocate your gift.”

“But 4.9 billion pounds was too much…”

“We could have called for 490 million or 900 million, but it was a half-baked amount, so I thought it would break the record one day.”

“A record, what do you mean…”

“I wanted to make it impossible for anyone to pass it.”


It seemed to be heard in the background, so Ezet faced Edmond, swallowing her breath in small measure.
As soon as pumpkin eyes and red eyes reflected each other’s appearance, lips overlapped.


Before she could close her eyes, his lips sucked in her lips, squeezed a small gap, and pushed in a moist patch of flesh.
Without chasing the escaping tongue, the long tongue penetrated inside and scanned the roof of his mouth and teeth before escaping.
And the moment she let her guard down, he twisted the angle again and dug himself in.

It’s not like they’re putting their bodies together under the clothes, but just opening their eyes, overlapping their lips, and blowing hot breath, made a thrilling sensation pass through Ezet’s mind.
From just above her butt.

As if pouring small beads upside down, a strange sensation came up the spine.

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“Eh, Edmond, I, uh, look around the city…”

“Go ahead, look around the city.”

“How can I… when you’re like this?”

Are you saying you’ll adjust to it because I want it? I’m glad.”

How does that even mean that?

Ezet wanted to protest, but his hot lips touched his temple, swallowing his breath and closing his eyes.
The firm fingertips swept up the sides and grabbed the breast over the clothes.


“It looks dull without any decorations.”

“Well, that’s why I wanted to put a necklace around my clothes.

The man’s hand, which hastily penetrated through her clothes, wriggled like a snake.
Ezet pulled her butt back, twisting her around.

“Oh, no… Edmond…”

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“Milady, this is in the carriage.
A horseman may hear you moan.”

“Then don’t…”

“Do you really want me to quit?”

“Everything, of course, uh-huh!”

Edmond tickled the tip of her chest lightly with his fingertips, and the little bud raised its head upright.
She trembled every time Edmond tapped a small bud with his fingernails, even though she had a fairly thick cloth around her chest so that the nipples wouldn’t show.

“Ah, ah…!”

Ezet groaned slightly, pulling her arms back and sticking her chest forward.

Even though she is ashamed enough to shed tears around her eyes, she instinctively changes her posture to make it easier for him to touch.
Edmond felt blood rush between his legs as if wanting to touch more.

Really, why are you so cute and lovely.

“Milady, you’re such a lewd person.”

“Oh, no.
Why would I…”

“Do you know how difficult it is for me every time you shake your back so quietly?”

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Edmond rebuked her in a voice that didn’t bother her at all.

Edmond’s low whispering in her ear sent shivers down her spine and her legs growling.
When a voice that persistently rebuked herself like an evil devil knocked on the private part of the pleasure, the tender flesh began to tremble and shed hot love liquids.
It was a sensation so dizzy that it was fascinating.

Her nipple, which stood upright enough to be seen on top of her clothes, was ticklish, and every time he grabbed it and twisted it, his thin waist moved.

“Ugh, yeah! Edmond, don’t do this…”

The purple dress that Ezet is wearing is a relatively simple design, so wrinkles stand out when wrinkled.
She was unable to change her posture recklessly, and now, with her legs gathered, he struck his thighs with strength.

“Madam, there’s a contradiction between what you say and what you do.”

“No, because of you…”

“Are you going to take care of it yourself?”

Edmond, who was slowly rubbing her over her clothes, pushed her body into the corner of the wagon and struck her body tightly.

The rattling of the wagon over her back and Edmond’s heart beat from his chest.
When she was stuck between the wagon wall and impossible to move, her whole body felt constrained, and her lower stomach was chilling, and her muscles were tense.

“You can’t do this, Edmond, if anyone outside sees you…”

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“You’re going to be excited.”


“Will it not?”

Her face turned red when he bit her earlobes slightly and whispered.

Why is her heart beating so fast when others shouldn’t catch her? Does she really have a perverted tendency to show? She never did that before she came to Jaxen.

Ezet was confused.

“No, please…”

“All right, then I won’t touch you anymore.

Edmond’s body, which had been adhering, drifted away, and he came down from the chair and held her ankle lightly.


“Lie down, milady.
And spread your legs wide.”

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